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Felix A Perez

Felix A Perez, a clinical social worker and therapist, understands how negative experiences and toxic relationships can plague individuals throughout their lives. Even though he believes therapy to be a journey of self-exploration and healing, in which clients discover their underlying strengths and gain valuable insight into their lives, he is aware of how intimidating the prospect of getting help can be.

Consequently, he strives to bring a non-judgmental approach to his practice, adopting different therapeutic styles depending on the situation and working always at a pace that feels safe for the individual client. He also offers free 30 minute consultations to help potential clients determine if he is the right therapist for them.

Mr. Perez specializes in helping individual clients deal with depression, anxiety and relationship issues, showing them how to gain assertiveness and overcome their feelings of guilt and shame. Additionally, he helps couples develop healthy communication and negotiation skills in order to achieve relationship harmony. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and practices in Philadelphia.

Cheryl H Litzke

Cheryl H Litzke is a licensed marriage and family therapist with 25 years of experience healing broken relationships and helping people successfully navigate stressful transitions in their lives, whether they are related to marriage and parenting or illness and death. She specializes in addiction, divorce and relationship issues, treating clients all across the age spectrum and taking particular pride in her work with same sex couples and multicultural families.

Ms. Litke, a Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor of the American Association of Marriage and Family, is known for the research she has conducted and published on the subject of addiction and has been quoted by newspapers and magazines on the challenges of “living as a remarried family”. She graduated from Drexel University, where she held a core faculty position from 1990 until her retirement from teaching in 2010, and practices in Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Robin L Carosella

Dr. Robin L Carosella is a licensed clinical psychologist that believes the main purpose of therapy is to help people identify their triggers, the potential behaviors and ways of thinking that are ultimately responsible for their current way of being. She brings an active, collaborative and client-centered approach to her practice, often making use of evidence-based treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy and integrative behavioral couples therapy. She specializes in chronic pain, depression and coping skills and has experience treating veterans and their families.

Dr. Carosella believes mental and physical health are fundamentally intertwined, which explains the holistic, comprehensive approach she brings to her work with clients dealing with co-occurring physical diseases while battling the symptoms of mood disorders. She graduated from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and practices in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

Eugene Kayser

Eugene Kayser is a marriage and family therapist with more than twenty years of experience helping couples strengthen their relationships, whether they want to rekindle their emotional bonds or desperately save a marriage that seems doomed to divorce. His treatment is based on John Gottman’s research-proven approach to couples therapy, a set of techniques to deepen friendship and intimacy, manage conflicts and differentiate between “resolvable problems” and “gridlocked” ones.

There are three phases in Mr. Kayser’s approach: assessment, treatment and phasing out. Whereas the three-session assessment helps the clients define their mutual objectives as far as the counseling is concerned, the treatment teaches them how to change their destructive conversational habits in order to communicate more effectively. Most clients phase out, or “graduate”, in about ten sessions, but they are always free to return for a “tune up”. Mr. Kayser graduated from Drexel University and practices in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania.

Christine E Desousa

Christine E Desousa thinks it’s best for the counselor to remain on the passenger seat, so to speak, letting the client steer the wheel in the direction they need. She believes her role is helping her clients brainstorm a multitude of ways of interacting with the world, letting them choose the ones they are comfortable with and encouraging them to use the ones they choose as stepping stones towards gaining the confidence they need to positively change their behavior.

Although Ms. Desousa specializes in self-esteem and relationship management issues, she has considerable experience working with children on the autism spectrum, victims of domestic and emotional abuse, and chronic mental health issues. She practices in Scranton, Pennsylvania.