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Justin Marchese says that his marriage counseling practice intends to provide “safe, supportive and non-judgmental” environment to help his clients “talk, feel, heal and change.” He views the challenges that individuals and couples face during their lives as opportunities for growth. Unfortunately, too often people are trapped by their past. This inability to live in the ‘now’ causes anxiety, depression, guilt and low self-esteem. It also creates a tendency for people to revert to old–and frequently ineffective–coping strategies and decision-making processes in times of stress. Being aware of this process, subverting it and implementing more positive options is at the crux of the therapeutic process.

Mr. Marchese emphasizes that he is a well-rounded therapist that allows him to treat the problems of couples and individuals holistically. Among other conditions, he has experience dealing with anxiety, depression, family issues, career issues, and low self-esteem. He also can treat extremely difficult issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence, infidelity and sexual abuse. Mr. Marchese is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University and practices in Hartford, Connecticut.


Monica Smith is a marriage and family therapist who encourages her clients to ‘Be happy, have peace get connected and find answers’. Ms. Smith has an extensive range Simon has a wide range of clinical skills that include the most up-to-date psychotherapy and neuroscience to ‘facilitate the healing of mind, body, and spirit’. Her methodology focuses on teaching individuals how to understand themselves and married couples the skills to understand each others needs. At the heart of this process is honest, open and non-judgemental communication.

Ms. Smith has experience treating many of the ancillary issues that can exist in dysfunctional marriages including depression, low self-esteem, and anger management issues. Ms. Smith also works with individuals, families and groups to help them establish stronger and more fulfilling relationships. Ms. Smith is a graduate of Southern Connecticut State University and practices in Hebron, Connecticut.


Enid Norris offers her clients “compassionate care in a reliable environment where individuals, couples, and families can safely address personal and relational issues.” By doing so, she can help individuals and couples understand more clearly who they are and why they make certain decisions. Happy, balanced individuals facilitate harmonious relationships. At the heart of her treatment methodology is ‘rewiring’ the brain and subconscious to eliminate negative self-talk, reduce guilt or depression over the past and the awareness to make better decisions in the present. In essence, she is helping individuals create better relationships with themselves.

Ms. Norris also has experience in dealing with the many psychological and emotional issues that can cause or complicate relationship problems. These include anger management difficulty, depression, low self-esteem, anxiety and substance abuse. Above all else her goal is to help her clients “develop positive coping skills, self-respect, confidence, and serenity.” Ms. Norris is a graduate of the University of Bridgeport and practices in Stamford, Connecticut.


Anna Davenport is a marriage and family therapist that understands that a stressful life can threaten the happiness of any individual or couple. She offers clients ‘acceptance, support, and understanding’ as they seek to undo negative behavior and thinking patterns. She helps them draw upon their inner strength and use it to enhance their self-esteem, ability to communicate, and excitement about the future. This sort of mental, emotional and spiritual balance in an individual helps them form harmonious relationships. In other words, one of the most effective ways to fix a broken marriage is to start with the individuals involved.

She can also help with conditions that often complicate a relationship including depression, low self-esteem, substance abuse and anxiety. She has experience working in a variety of clinical contexts including group, individual, family, and couples therapy. Ms. Davenport is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and practices in Windsor Locks, Connecticut.


Karen Mazarin Stanek is a highly experienced marital and family counselor that uses what she calls an ‘eclectic systemic approach’ to therapy. She has training and experience in all forms of relationship counseling including work with parents, teenagers, families and extended families. She has the qualifications to treat survivors of trauma and some more esoteric conditions including sleep disorders, weight loss, and phobias.

Ms. Stanzek often works with her husband, Gary Stanek, who is also a licensed marriage and family counselor. Working together they’re able to treat married couples using a ‘gender balanced approach’. She is a graduate of Fairfield University and practices in Stamford, Connecticut.