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Noel Christine Johnson says that her job is to help ‘motivated people’ work toward positive changes in their lives and relationships. Her goal is to provide a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for clients to facilitate their efforts to understand better themselves and the decisions they make. Ms. Johnson helps clients with marital and relationship problems and many of the conditions that contribute to this situation. These include infertility, depression, anxiety, physical or emotional trauma, self-esteem, intimacy problems and sexual issues.

Ms. Johnson seeks to focus more on the interpersonal relationship with her client than a formal clinical methodology. She identifies ‘active listening’ and ‘thoughtful questioning’ as part of this approach that has a foundation of support and encouragement. Ms. Johnson is a graduate of John Brown University and practices in Rogers, Arkansas.


Paul Graves works with married couples as a ‘reality counselor.’ His philosophy is that therapy can help people overcome the pain of the past to go on and live a happy and fruitful life. He works with clients to improve their relationships in a variety of clinical settings including couples therapy, group therapy, family therapy and individual counseling. Has has training and experience to deal with a variety of conditions that can lead to or complicate relationships including substance abuse, depression, anxiety, childhood and domestic violence, and ‘difficult transitions’.

Mr. Graves offers clients a non-judgemental environment where they can be ‘encouraged’ and ‘challenged’ to change. He also offers parenting and pre-parental counseling. Mr. Graves is a graduate of Henderson State University and practices in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


Wade Fuqua says that since life doesn’t come with an ‘instruction manual’ and for that reason individuals and couples can find difficulty from time to time. His goal is to help clients build a framework that can help them navigate the challenges of life, good and bad. Mr. Fuqua has experience in helping couples and families in a variety of clinical situations and treating children, adolescents and families in a group setting. He also specializes in ‘life transitions’ such as elderly issues and sexual identity issues such as gay, lesbian and bisexual issues.

Mr. Fuqua understands that no two people are alike nor do they have ‘cut and dried’ problems. He stresses that facilitating change in life isn’t easy but is extremely rewarding. He has experience working with clients to improve anger management and treat depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and many other issues. Mr. Fuqua practices in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Sarah Parent is a therapist and clinical social worker with experience treating a wide range of clients including married couples. Her primary goal as a counselor is to help her clients find their way ‘out of the darkness’ into a brighter way of life. Much of making positive life changes is a matter of motivation, and she emphasizes that seeking out help from a therapist is the first step toward making a commitment to a better future.

Ms. Parent has experience in treating clients of all age groups suffering from a variety of issues. These include depression, anxiety, anger management, low self-esteem, domestic abuse among others. She can provide Christian counseling upon client request. In addition, she offers treatment using alternate therapeutic techniques including art therapy. Mrs. Parent is a graduate of the University of Arkansas–Little Rock and practices in Cabot, Arkansas.


Dr. Amy Adams specializes in relationship and intimacy issues including marital and couples counseling, sex therapy, and family therapy. She offers treatment to a wide range of demographic groups in a variety of clinical settings including individual, couples, family and group counseling. In addition, she frequently consults with medical professionals to help administer the proper behavioral health course of treatment.

Dr. Adams has the training and experience to work with clients suffering from relationship problems caused or exacerbated by a variety of behavioral conditions. These include depression, anxiety, infidelity, and intimacy issues along with more serious conditions including substance abuse, domestic violence, and suicidal tendencies. Dr. Adams can integrate mindfulness and meditation into her treatment upon request. She emphasizes that she is highly flexible in scheduling and willing to work with client needs. She is a graduate of the University of Louisiana–Monroe and practices in Fayetteville, Arkansas.