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Dr. Carla Washington brings over 25 years of experience to her practice. She has helped couples, individuals and families improve their lives and strengthen their relationships. Her primary focus is twofold–to help clients develop coping skills for day to day life and to help them work toward achieving their potential. In her view, it is a ‘human right’ for an individual to work toward reaching their goals while enjoying their lives.

Her clinical technique employs a variety of treatment theories depending on the needs and personality of her clients. She has experience in a variety of clinical settings including couples, group and individual counseling. She is ‘adept at working with persons of diversity’ including those of race, culture and sexual identity. Dr. Washington is a graduate of George Washington University and practices in Washington, DC.


Micah Brady is a Clinical Social Worker and therapist who focuses on helping couples and individuals improve their communication skills and find alternate ways to cope with the stress of modern life. The challenges of earning a living while maintaining a relationship are never easy and often leaves little time for addressing problems. This reality is especially true for couples who may have individual issues in addition to problems within their marriage or relationships.

Ms. Brady operates from the perspective that most relationships are worth ‘fixing’. Her primary therapeutic technique is the Gottman Method, but the most important determination of her counseling is client needs. She works with clients to set and reach concrete goals for every counseling session. Ms. Brady practices in Washington, DC with another office location in Bethesda, Maryland.


Melissa Gregory is a relationship counselor who believes that problems in life are meant to teach something. Her role is a counselor is to help individuals and couples understand and assimilate that meaning. She has over a decade of experience working with individuals, families and couples in this manner. Ms. Gregory emphasizes the importance of creating a therapeutic environment that is safe, nurturing and non-judgemental. She has experience in working with the unique needs of the LGBTQ community and a variety of age groups.

Ms. Gregory employs a variety of approaches to help her clients including the PREPARE-ENRICH program. This program is effective for people in a relationship as well as those who are planning to get married or otherwise enter into a long term commitment. Ms. Gregory is a graduate of Hofstra University and practices in Washington, DC.


Stacy Murphy is–in the words of the Washington Post–a ‘relationship expert’ and she brings that knowledge to clients on an individualized basis through her practice. She operates with a theory that most conditions such as depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem are a function of the health of an individual’s closest relationships. For that reason, her treatment method focuses on both the individual and the couple–she simultaneously strives to address personal needs while strengthening the relationship.

Ms. Murphy seeks to provide her clients with ‘transferable skills’ that they can carry with them throughout their life and the life of their relationship. One important component of this is the skill set to facilitate improved communicate with their partners as a means of addressing needs and pre-empting problems. She has specialized training and experience to deal with short term problems such as trauma and similar life changes. Ms. Murphy is a graduate of Loyola University, and practices in Washington, DC.


Kristen Quigley is a Clinical Social Worker and therapist who suggests that the mere realization that something is not working for a couple or individual is a sign of strength, hope and resilience. Helping her clients find the life and relationship they desire is the primary focus of her practice. Her goal is to provide an environment in which clients feel safe, open and secure. She strives to be a non-judgemental communicator that establishes a strong rapport and earns the trust of her clients.

Ms. Quigley has experience in dealing with emotional conditions that can cause or exacerbate relationship difficulties including trauma, PTSD, infertility, depression, substance abuse and addiction, stress and anxiety. She also helps couples address issues that involve their immediate or extended family. Ms. Quigley brings over 15 years of experience into her practice, located in the Georgetown area of Washington, DC.