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Beverly Rapp

She has been practicing therapy for over 20 years and therefore comes with a wealth of experience. She graduated in 1997 from Institute of Trans-personal Psychology/ Sophia University. Her therapeutic practice is holistic and founded on developing a deep level of trust.

She emphasizes on seeing one “through the lens of mind, body and spirit”. Failed marriages, anxiety, depression, past wounds of life events are some of the issues she specializes in. She makes a point of getting to know the client in the first session where she does more listening than speaking.

Her aim is to know one’s true self. Ms. Rapp’s sessions are usually an hour long or more. She is skilled in conventional therapeutic modalities and alternative methods such as dream work, EMDR, imagery and mediation for stress relief. Ms. Rapp likes to work together with the client to formulate solutions to the issues the client is facing.

Mrs. Michelle McAllister

She has been practicing therapy for seven years. She graduated from Oklahoma State University in 2007. She offers therapy in a systemic approach centered on the client. She recognizes each client is unique and requires a wholly different approach. This approach is developed from the client’s unique perspective and context.

She is well versed in identifying unhelpful patterns of interactions and working with the client on how to change. Her specialty is in relational therapy for couples, premarital and family and individual therapy.

Her main aim is long-term solutions rather than temporary fixes while guiding the client all through the process. Problems are related to an individual’s beliefs, perspectives and emotions. One of Mrs. McAllister’s core values is respect for each and every client. This enables her to forge collaborative relations with her clients.

Jeff Fine-Thomas – Marriage & Family Therapist

He has a wealth of experience having practiced therapy for over 20 years. He graduated from Fuller Theological Seminary in 1991. He practices a type of therapy called often psychoanalytic psychotherapy. It is a type of therapy which borrows from theories and practices of analytical psychology and psychoanalysis.

It aims to help patients get a deeper understanding of their problems by making them aware of their inner world and how it influences past and present relationships. It is a treatment targeting emotional distress or pain and helps in forging intimate and loving relations.

He specializes in helping patients suffering from trauma, anxiety, depression and marriage issues. During his many years of practice he has worked with individuals, adolescents from 16 years and older, and couples, both married and unmarried.

Amber M Prather – Counselor

Amber really enjoys her work with her patients and this serves as a great motivation for her. She has been practicing for three years and she graduated from Southern Nazarene University in 2010. Her approach to therapy is focused on the client and holistic. She encourages a collaborative effort from the client. Wherever you are in life.

she offers a therapeutic relationship that explores one’s problems while offering a trusting and safe environment. Her clinical experience includes work with children, adolescents, adults, couples and even whole families. Among issues she has dealt with are trauma, depression, grief, loss, eating disorders, anxiety, stress management, transitions in life, self-care, perfectionism and women specific problems.

For those couples married or planning to marry, she offers both premarital and marital counseling. She is a certified Prepare/Enrich facilitator. She also has developed interest in sports psychology, health psychology, yoga, mind-body awareness and general wellness and healthy practices in life.

Dr. Mariecha Palmer

Dr. Palmer has been practicing therapy for 10 years. She graduated from Oklahoma State University in the year 2007. In addition she has been working with families and children for over 20 years. She has worked in Therapeutic Foster care and has taught at Oklahoma State University courses in Parenting and Lifespan development.

She has conducted extensive research on family issues such as teen parenting, academic prowess and non-conventional family structures. Dr. Palmer helps individuals in building competence and self-esteem which she sees as critical to an individual’s success.

She encourages her clients to first of all recognize the importance of the two qualities so as to enable them to embrace change more easily. Her main objective is to empower an individual and his/her family in the larger context.