Marriage Retreat Near Me

What is a Marriage Retreat?

A Marriage retreat or a couples counseling retreat is a type of aggressive form of marriage counseling done in a 3-4 day period. While the traditional once a week couples therapy may work for less critical marital problems, an intensive retreat works well with marital situations that have significant problems like infidelity, loneliness, intimacy problems and loneliness.

Some other things that make a marriage retreat intrguing is maybe you aren’t seeing any progress with the weekly therapy sessions, or maybe you’d like to get away from your busy schedule and truly focus on your relationship. If so, a high’y focused couples retreat is a good alternative for marriages that are in free fall and need healing.

Couples marriage retreats gives hurting couples the opportunity to do up to 6 months of intense counseling in 3-4 days. A marriage retreat will get to the root of the problem quickly, and assist in addressing issues at depth.

Two Types of Couples Retreat

When looking for a couples retreat, you will come to find out there are several different kind of counseling retreats. By far the two most popular are the shared group retreat and the private, one-on-one retreats.

With the personal and private retreat you’ll get complete focus, and attention from your therapist. Private retreats are solely focused on one couple at a time with no other couple in attendance. You can get more in-dept with your therapist at a personal retreat than you would in a group setting.

The other type of marriage retreat is done in a group format and/or a conference type setting. This is a less personal retreat, but it can be as impactful if you take in the valuable information from the speakers. More couples will be in attendance during the shared group retreat.

If you are the type that like being around people and you are at ease in a group setting, you can register for a share group retreat that may include 10-12 couples.

However if you or your spouse is a private person, and isn’t quite as comfortable around people than you should opt for more private, and personal retreat with only you and your partner in attendance.

Religion or Other Beliefs Associated with a marriage retreat

When selecting a couples retreat there are different types of curriculum to consider. If you are a religious couples with very high spiritual beliefs than a faith based, christian retreat maybe more appropriate for you.

In contrast, if you are a non-religious person, and don’t practice any beliefs than a non-faith retreat is a better fit for you.

Is a Marriage Retreat a Good Alternative Your Relationship You?

There are many reasons why couples seek out a marriage counseling retreat including but not limited to intimacy and communication issues, affair, gridlock problems, midlife crisis, and even a lack of sexual desire.

By attending a couples retreat you will be able to deepen your connection to one another, revive your sexual desire and learn how to grow a personally and as a couple.

Should I Attend a Marriage Retreat Near Me?

That is strictly up to you. The best way to find out if a therapist can help your marital problem is to simply take advantage of the initial consultation. Setting a free consult will allow you to evaluate the therapist’s skills and technique, while also getting your questions answered.

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