Relationships are hard, Marriage is even harder, Don’t let anyone tell you that marriage isn’t work. If you are experiencing problems in your relationship with your spouse, it might not be because you are incompatible. It might be because you both lack the skills and knowledge of how to deal with each other in a more healthy way. It can be fixed! 

So many people say that having problems in marriage is “just part of it”. But they would be wrong. Marriage doesn’t have to be that way. You can be that couple that fell in love way back when all the time if you knew the right tools to make it happen. One of the best and the fastest ways to give your marriage the overhaul it needs is to attend a private couples retreat.

An intensive counseling retreat is for couples in severe crisis situations like infidelity or on the brink of divorce. Think of a marriage intensives as a private getaway where you and your spouse can work exclusively on your relationship without any distractions.

Here’s our list of couples retreats in Indiana:

Relationship Rescue Academy

Relationship Rescue Academy is recommended if you are experiencing extreme marital problems brought on by unfaithfulness, addictions and other factors. 

Relationship Rescue Academy are two, three or four-day intensive counseling experiences that offer renewed hope and improved skills to those couples who desire to heal and restore their marriage.

Located in Kokomo, Indiana you and your spouse will be given the chance to take time out for just the two of you with a weekend that encourages you to slow down, learn effective communication skills, have fun together and forget routine for a couple days. 

During sessions with your licensed therapist, you will tackle challenges that are holding your marriage back like maybe infidelity, communication issues, control issues, anger management issues and more.

Your therapist will lead you and your spouse through exercises that will reveal hidden barriers that is holding your marriage back. At Relationship Rescue Academy, the philosophy is that no marriage is beyond repair. Intensives are tailored to suite your specific needs with your spouse. 

The cost to attend this retreat is as followed:

  • 2-day – $2500 including lodging
  • 3-day – $3500 including lodging
  • 4-day – $4500 including lodging
  • 5-day – $5500 including lodging

Ravines Retreat Center

Ravines Retreat Center is a Christian intensive marriage counseling experience. Covering a span of four days, couples will work closely with a trained counslor using Christ-centered approach to therapy in a private setting. Over the course of this time, you and your spouse will have five separate sessions of three plus hours of therapy.

Afternoons and evenings are reserved for homework assignments give to you and your spouse by your counselor. 15 to 18 hours of intensive counseling which begins on Thursday evening and ends late Sunday morning. There is another option which begins on Sunday evening and goes through Wednesday morning that is offered on a limited basis. 

All meals, coffee and snack are provided, as well as your own private suite that comes with a bedroom, living room area and bathroom. The Ravines Retreat Center accommodates two couples at a time, but no two couples will ever work together. The work you and your spouse do will be solely with your counselor. No sharing with other couples is allowed. If you cannot afford the price of $3,250, check with the staff about financial aid scholarships and payment plans that are also available. 

Center for Thriving Relationships

Bret and Christine Eartheart offer the Thrive in Love Transformative Retreat to their clients. It is a relationship intensive designed specifically for those couples in distress within their marriage. If you are thinking of leaving, giving up or feel that you have lost trust in your spouse, Bret and Christine want you to come to Thrive in Love before you do. 

They believe in all marriages and that all can be saved with proper skill building and communication techniques. Any sexual orientation is welcome to attend their retreat. They offer a package called the Save Your Relationship package that give 8 full hours of counseling with either Bret or Christine and access to the two full days of the Thrive in Love Transformative Retreat, and much more. 

According to Bret and Christine, leaving your relationship is not the answer, nor will it solve anything because you will only carry that set of problems into another relationship with someone else. The answer is to dig deep and learn about yourself and your spouse, how to communicate, how to understand each other and work together toward wholeness. 

Some of the topics covered at the retreat are learning: – the Top 10 Poisons to your Relationship – Three Relationship Shifts inside a marriage – The Super Power Apology – plus many more.

Cost of the retreat is $350 per couple. It is a private retreat, with the exception that you and your spouse will be in a group setting with other couples. It is not one-on-one counseling time. 

Couples Therapy, Inc. 

Based on methods from Dr. John Gottman, Couples Therapy, Inc. Indiana Style Intensive offers you and your spouse real world tactics in dealing with each other and building a better relationship. Gottman methods are all based on science and years of research back them up. They have been successful with millions of couples around the globe. 

By attending this intensive, you and your spouse can gain from one weekend, six months of traditional therapy experience. It is not a group setting. Retreats are private. You and your spouse work one-on-one with your own Gottman trained therapist to deal with the issues facing the two of you. These needs and issues will be determined before you arrive when you fill out the pre-assessment forms. 
Costs start at $2250 and go all the way up to $4850. This price includes two follow-up sessions. 

Issues you will discuss and tackle in this intensive with your therapist are:

  • Coldness/Bitterness- Distance
  • Chronic Episodes of Fighting- Frequent Sexual Problems
  • Pornography or Sexual Addiction- Problems Communicating
  • Emotional or Sexual Affairs- Considering A Divorce

Smithey Counseling Services

Dr. Adam Smithey is a certified Gottman Therapist. He offers you and your spouse a two day retreat weekend which includes the following:

  • an entire weekend with him and one-on-one counseling sessions in Greenwood, IN
  • For added privacy or convenience, home-based sessions
  • industry leading assessments
  • in person assessment process
  • 2 days of immersive couple therapy
  • add on option of maintenance therapy package for two years.

With Dr. Adam, you get 720 minutes of actual therapy time. He will help you to focus on building toward your future with a sense of togetherness, rather than tearing each other down over your past. Cost of the retreat is $2250. There are alternative options. If you need more time, you can opt for a 2 1/2 day, 3 day or 3 to 5 day intensive with Dr. Adam. During the 3 to 5 day retreat, he will bring the retreat to you at your favorite vacation spot. 

For those who want to do intensive work, but don’t want to take the weekend, he offers mini-marathons during the weeknights. Mini-marathons are basically three to four hours of therapy for three to five days at a time. It is a more flexible way for couples to get the same benefits of the retreat, but be able to still have the convenience of being in their homes and going about necessary daily life.