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Patricia Wolf Hartman:

Patricia Wolf Hartman is a licensed clinical Social Worker/Therapist practicing in Montgomery County Maryland. She is a 1976 Catholic University graduate with over 15 years experience as a psychotherapist. Specializing in a wide variety of counseling she is able to offer her services to family/couples, teens, and the elderly as they transverse various issues in their relationships.

Ms. Hartman is deeply committed to helping her clients understand who and what they are as well as understanding what their stumbling blocks are. Further, she provides each of her clients with a safe place in which they can explore themselves and openly express their feelings to their partner, parent of teen without fear of repercussion.

Presently she is a facility member engaged in two accelerated education programs in the D.C. Area. Ms. Hartmans; office is located near the Potomac Village and easily reached by car from the Rockville and Bethesda as well as parts of northwest D.C. and the northern area of Virginia. Treatment costs per session are comparable to the area but sliding scale is available to qualifying clients.

Lisa Makstein:

Lisa Makstein a 1979 graduate of the University of Maryland where she earned her LCSW-C (Licensed Counselor Social Work-Certification). Ms. Makstein brings to her clients 36 years experience as an individual, marriage, couples, family and divorce counselor. She is a licensed psychotherapist who is an astute listener but also gives feedback and suggestions on how they can regain happiness in themselves and their relationships.

During sessions she gives each client a safe place to reflect on all aspects-present and future in their lives and helps them redirect their feelings of hopelessness and despair to one of hope and self assurance. When divorce is unavoidable-as it can sometimes be, she works closely with divorce lawyers to aid the couple obtain amicable grounds in which to solve final issues. Ms. Makstein holds strong to the belief that when one door slams shut in your face another opens, we just need to look for it.

Mrs. Erika L. Bond:

Mrs. Erika L. Bond holds a Masters of Arts degree and is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Counselor as well as enhanced training in emotional-focused counseling who graduated from the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2003. She presently holds a license in Maryland where she now practices.

She further is a member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists as well as the ICEEF-International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy. Mrs. Bond 12 years professional experience in the field of Marriage and Family counseling along with impressive education which attests to her commitment to rendering her compassion and desire to help couples rebuild their relationships.

Mrs. Bond displays a warm and welcoming demeanor which sets her clients at ease almost instantly. It is the feeling of being safe and in the company of a truly caring person that makes her clients feel comfortable and open to suggestions.

Debra Schiffman:

Debra Schiffman of Olney Maryland is a graduate student of Rutgers School of Social Work where she received her license as a Clinical Social Work/Therapist with over twenty years of experience. Ms. Schiffman’s treatment stems from aiding her clients in developing awareness and understanding of the issues that impact them in their personal and professional lives.

Once the client can see and understand the issues impacting their lives they are ready to work on the problem/s. Developing coping methods, skills in communication and learning healthy ways to resolve conflict are paramount for success. By insuring her clients are afforded an environment that provides them with safety, emotional support and respect which in turn can empower the person to discover their voice and recapture harmony within their life.

Ms. Teresa Green:

Ms. Teresa Green is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Rockville Maryland. She offers marriage and family counseling. and she has pledged to help couples and families develop, to deepen their friendship and their personal close relationship.

She is committed to helping each of her clients develop inner strength and healthier lives. Marital issues along with family issues are often intertwined. Frequently providing parenting solutions can often-but not always, decrease the marital issues between couples.

Ms. Teresa Green offers her clients not only her education and experience but also compassion as they maneuver the hurdles in their relationships towards a more healthy one where each voice is equally heard no matter how small.