emergency relationship counseling

What is Emergency Marriage Counseling? Simply put, it’s just what it sounds like. Emergency marriage counseling is a form of counseling or therapy, depending on your perspective, focused on intensive healing within a marital bond.

This healing can take place at any part in a relationship, though it is always best if you come forward with the desire for assistance before you and your partner are ready to call it quits.

If the two of you find yourselves frequently at odds, bickering constantly back and forth on a daily basis, then you need to recognize that there may be a greater problem laying in wait in the depths of your relationship. Seek guidance before it’s too late, and you may be able to save your marriage and continue to live a life of happiness with your loved one.

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Recognize Warning Signs

Bickering and argument are not the only issues in a marriage that needs professional attention. Often times, both parties involved in a rocky marriage resort to unnecessary degrading of their partner. Feelings are hurt. Resentment replaces trust. Fear replaces safety.

If you are in a relationship that is obviously in danger and your feelings are turning to those negative feelings as opposed to positive ones, perhaps it is time you and your partner breathe for just a moment. Step back and look at your relationship from an outside perspective.

It is easy to forget that your partner is a person. It is easy for your partner to forget that you are an individual. You both have different needs, and sometimes in a marriage, be it a short one or a long one, we often forget that, as a couple, we are not combined into one person. It is perfectly normal to behave as an individual and you should not be penalized for pursuing things that are beneficial to your physical, emotional, or mental well being.

How Can You Get the Help You Need?

Don’t let you and your partner get so far down the road of arguments and distrust that the two of you begin to detest one another. Often times in a relationship, once there is distrust and resentment, it is nearly impossible to fix such a relationship.

Most couples do not seek help during the early stages of their fighting. It’s easy to say that every married couple fights once in a while. It’s easy to brush it off to stress, lack of time for intimacy, or focusing on the kids.

What most people don’t realize is that letting those little monthly fights get away without acknowledgment more often than not leads to weekly fights, and then daily fights, and so on and so forth. You love your partner. You married your husband or your wife and committed your trust and loyalty to them until death do you part.

What has caused your relationship to sink so low that the two of you have forgotten to treat each other with patience, kindness, respect, and care? That is what Emergency Marriage Counseling is here for.

We don’t just address the early stages of marital back and forth words, but we also learn to help couples that have been fighting for over two years remember what it was like when they first got married.

You fell in love at one point in your lives, and by realizing that you do need professional help, you are on the right track to fixing your marriage and promising one another a future of happiness. You are displaying your commitment to your spouse, for better or worse, by working on the relationship that means the most to you.

How is Emergency Marriage Counseling Different?

Let’s put it in perspective. If you have been seriously injured by a gunshot or stab wound, you wouldn’t lay there on the floor of your home thinking, ‘Oh, I’ve been shot or stabbed’. You would immediately call the paramedics, not sit there and bleed for an extended amount of time.

Emergency Marriage Counseling is like an emergency room service for married couples who are in distress. When you recognize that there is a problem, that is the first step to fixing a problem. You will, comparatively speaking, see a doctor who stitches you up and prescribes you medicine for the pain.

With marriage counseling, you receive not physical aid through medicine, but tools and techniques to broaden your communications horizons with your partner. You will learn to address the underlying issues in your relationship, how to address them accordingly, and how to prevent them in the future.

What Are You Waiting For?

Don’t let you and your spouse become petty with one another. More often than not, feuding couples say things to one another to hurt their partner the most. At one time, you loved one another with all your hearts.

With marriage counseling, patience, and an enhanced understanding of what is going wrong, and right, in your relationship, you and your partner will begin to rebuild. Trust and safety will exist within your marriage once more. You will learn how to listen to one another as partners should, as well as comfort each other in times of distress.

When you first realize that you and your partner are butting heads more than usual, it is time to seek professional help. There is no shame in seeking assistance to save something as beautiful as a marriage. At one time, the two of you were head over heels in love and would never be fighting the way that you do now.

With the proper guidance, you and your husband or wife will get back to that productive relationship. It will take time and patience, and an extreme dedication to one another, but in the end it will be worth it. You and your partner will be devoted to one another truly until death do you part.

You will gain a new perspective on your relationship as well as life itself, and you will learn to be grateful and thankful that you have a partner to experience all of life’s gifts with. Don’t wait until your relationship is irreparable. Contact Emergency Marriage Counseling and recommit yourselves to one another!

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