Letitia V. Beckett-Haywood


Letitia V. Beckett-Haywood graduated from Indiana University Purdue at the University of Indianapolis in 2001 and has been a clinical social worker and therapist with 8 years of practice experience in Indianapolis, IN.

She helps individuals, couples and families struggling with emotional instability and relationship conflict stemming from life transitions, trauma or loss, or simply everyday life. She takes pride in guiding her clients to find the answers to their problems themselves.

Ms. Beckett-Haywood helps clients identify alternative patterns for better functioning and healthier relationships with less conflict and more balance, peace, and contentment.

She advises clients on overcoming fears and doubts that may be limiting their lifestyle and happiness and keeping them from attaining their full potential in family life and career.

Ms. Beckett-Haywood incorporates evidence-based techniques such as mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy as well as alternative treatment modalities like yoga for a comprehensive and holistic approach to achieving optimal mental health. She treats both the person and their environment as a whole.

Ms. Beckett-Haywood assists couples struggling with family conflict, anger management, self esteem and relationship issues.

Deirdre Y Burton


Deirdre Y Burton is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Indianapolis, IN. She obtained an additional certification from the Center for Credentialing and Education in 2011. She specializes in helping clients who feel stuck in a rut or stagnating in life.

She helps individuals and couples attain personal growth and a change for the better. She adopts a non-judgmental perspective in combination with evidence-based and proven therapeutic techniques to help establish a sense of balance and growth in relationships.

She also provides premarital counseling to individuals and couples and has developed a premarital counseling program based on Genesis 2:24. She believes she can walk alongside her clients in their path to self discovery and mental wellness and growth.

She helps people overcome barriers in communication and regain a connection in their marriage. Ms. Burton has over 20 years of experience as an occupational therapist, more than 30 years as an Army reservist, and 13 years of leadership in a Christian women’s ministry, all of which give her an immense ability and deep understanding of human nature to help her clients heal and recover from family and relationship conflict.

Faizah Mawusi


Faizah Mawusi is a clinical social worker and therapist in Indianapolis, IN with over 18 years of experience dealing with complex mental health problems.

She specializes in helping people navigate traumatic and life-changing events such as teen pregnancy, relationship trauma, and sexual identity.

Ms. Mawusi utilizes attachment-based, emotionally focused, mindfulness-based, and cognitive behavioral therapy to help individuals, couples and families acquire the skills to cope with life’s challenges. She believes one-on-one therapy sessions are the most successful in helping clients identify the causes of their conflicts.

She takes great pride in the impact she has in bringing families together and helping couples recreate love and build solid relationships. Ms. Mawusi advises clients on the importance of family traditions and routines.

She is a believer in the positive impact of behavioral modification and mindfulness, and utilizes her extensive experience with counseling troubled teenagers and women in distress as a basis for helping clients deal with family conflict, emotional disturbance, sexual abuse, and relationship issues.