Dr. Barry A. Bass


Couples whose relationship is struggling in regards to sexual intimacy can turn to Dr. Barry A. Bass for help. Dr. Bass specializes in helping individuals and couples struggling with relationship issues, sexual concerns, and issues concerning infidelity.

Dr. Bass believes that sexual intimacy is the cause of martial happiness and when both partners have an appreciation for mutual sexual satisfaction, then the relationship is better safeguarded against dissatisfaction.

Dr. Bass studied at the University of Tennessee and has been in practice for over thirty years. He is also a certified AASECT sex therapist.

Dr. Bass employs the Cognitive Behavioral, Eclectic, Existential, Family/Marital, and Humanistic treatment approaches with his clients, and he is able to help those struggling with issues involving anxiety, divorce, domestic abuse/violence, family conflict, infertility, and sexual abuse.

Sessions with Dr. Bass are $200. Contact Dr. Bass for more information regarding payment options and insurance

Stephanie Chupein


Stephanie Chupein is a Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist, and an AASECT certified sex therapist. Dr. Chupein studied at Millersville University and has been in practice for more than fifteen years. She works with couples who are struggling with communication problems, conflict, and sexual problems.

Dr. Chupein specialize in relationship issues, specifically in helping clients to develop a stronger sense of compassion for themselves, their spouse, and other family members.

Dr. Chupein ascribes to the philosophy that couples and families have patterns of relating to one another that impact all members of the system. To help clients work on these patterns of relating, Dr. Chupein uses a variety of treatment approaches including Coaching, Family/Marital, Humanistic, Interpersonal, and Relational.

A session with Dr. Chupein is $120 and she accepts a variety of payment methods. Dr. Chupein does accept BlueCross BlueShield .

Patrizia Pallaro


Those seeking a session focused on inner reflection and the interrelation of body, mind and emotion can turn to Patrizia Pallaro of Moving the Self Psychotherapy Center. Dr. Pallaro specializes in helping clients link their feelings to words, and she believes that being able to self-regulate is vital to maintaining satisfying relationships.

Dr. Pallaro studied at UCLA and has been in practice for more than twenty years. She uses Family /Marital, Interpersonal, Interpersonal Neuro-Affective_Biology, and Psychodynamic treatment approaches. She works with clients struggling with issues in anxiety, divorce, family conflict, grief, parenting, and self-esteem. Dr. Pallaro is also able to focus on issues surrounding multiculturalism, interracial partnerships, and acculturation.

Average sessions with Dr. Pallaro range from $140 to $190. While she does accept insurance, she is considered out of network with insurance providers.

Dr. Frank Gunzburg


Dr. Frank Gunzburg’s goal is to help couples create their best marriage and to learn the necessary skills to procure a long-term marriage. He is known to be a therapist who is actively engaged in the session, and who designs exercises to help clients develop effective behaviors.

Dr. Gunzburg studied at American University and has been in practice for more than thirty-five years. As a seasoned practitioner, he utilizes Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral, Family/Marital, and Relational treatment approaches when helping clients deal with issues regarding coping skills, family conflict, and marriage.

With a broad history of personal and relational situations, Dr. Gunzburg can help his client’s put their situations into perspective as he helps them understand and change the problem.

An average session with Dr. Gunzburg ranges from $190 to $300. He accepts several different methods of payment, and he is considered out of network with insurance providers.