Without a doubt, New York, NY is able to meet the growing demand for marriage therapists. New York is home to many therapists who have been in practice for quite some time. The credentials behind these practitioners certainly leads to higher costs persuasion, but productive sessions that yield the results clients aim for. Highlighted below are a few of the veteran therapists.

Dr. Sue Goldman

Dr. Sue Goldman is a therapist that works to understand her client’s past experiences, current situation, and future goal in order to tailor her approach to best meet the client’s needs.

Dr. Goldman went to school at New York University and has been in practice for the past twenty-five years. She has also extensively trained in psychotherapy and currently is on the faculty at Columbia University and New York University Schools of Social Work.

Dr. Goldman specializes in depression, relationship issues, and anxiety. She works with clients struggling with issues in divorce, coping skills, family conflict, infertility, self-esteem, and parenting, to name a few. Dr. Goldman uses an Eclectic, Family/Martial, and Psychodynamic treatment approach with her clients.

Sessions with Dr. Goldman are $140+ and she does have a sliding scale in place. Dr. Goldman does accept insurance but she is considered out of network with insurance providers.

Dr. Anthony Gaudioso


For a well-rounded and experienced therapist, Dr. Anthony Gaudioso is the person to see. Dr. Gaudioso has been in practice for over twenty years and received his Ph.D. and his Master’s of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Barry University.

He is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Dr. Gaudioso offers face-to-face meeting from either of his two locations, one in New York, NY and one in Kingston, NY. He also offers Skype sessions to clients in other locations.

Dr.Gaudioso specializes in relationship issues, mood disorders, and anxiety and he treats a wide assortment of issues including: addiction, codependency, coping skills, depression, family conflict, infidelity, parenting, and self-esteem.

Since he has been in practice for some time, Dr.Gaudiosos also has a long list of treatment approaches that he employs. Some of these approaches include: Cognitive Behavioral, Existential, Gottman Method, Hypnotherapy, Imago, Psychodynamic and Relational.

Average session with Dr. Gaudioso cost between $60 and $200 and he does utilize a sliding scale. He accepts many different payment methods and many of the major insurance providers.

Dr. B. Sandor Vogel


If you’re interested in a more seasoned professional, Dr. B. Sandor Vogel has been a licensed clinical psychologist in New York since 1969. He is a certified Imago therapist and holds a diploma in sex therapy. Dr. Vogel specializes in couples therapy, sex therapy, and individual and group therapy.

Dr. Vogel relies on Cognitive Behavioral, Family/Marital, and Imago Relationship Therapy as his treatment approaches. He uses these approaches to aid clients struggling with issues involving anxiety, divorce, domestic abuse/violence, grief, and parenting.

Sessions with Dr. Vogel cost between $200 and $250. He is considered out of network with insurance providers, but he does use a sliding scale.

The Big Apple certainly has some big names in the field of therapy/counseling. Though sessions are expensive, as most things in New York are, these therapists are well seasoned and fully equipped to aid clients seeking marriage therapy.