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Amy Pierce:

Amy J Pierce is a marriage and family therapist with advance training in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, a research-proven model of therapy perfectly suited to help couples rescue their relationships from the obstacles that plague them by breaking their existing patterns of conflict and, most importantly, enhancing their connection. In fact, her main focus is on emotion and interpersonal connection, whether it’s through individual or couples therapy, which she handles with a compassionate and mindful approach. She specializes in relationship issues, depression and the effects of abuse and trauma, as well as post-traumatic stress disorder.

Ms. Pierce has helped clients with a variety of issues including identity struggles, self-destructive patterns, grief and loss, and sexuality and intimacy. Additionally, she is experienced with and affirming of GLBT couples and families. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin and practices in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Daniel Legerski:

Daniel Legerski believes that a successful and effective therapeutic experience is contingent on a relationship of trust between client and counselor, in which the therapy itself is tailored specifically to fit the needs of each individual client in a unique way. Unsurprisingly, he draws from a diverse assortment of therapeutic models in his work, including cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapy, as well as existential and humanistic approaches. Even though he may challenge his clients and encourage them to explore new perspectives that may become catalysts of healing and change, he believes his primary role is to provide a safe, supporting environment that is conducive to self-reflection and insight.

Mr. Legerski brings a rational and caring approach to his treatment of mood disorders, always striving to let his clients feel understood and nurturing their own personal resources to bring about positive change. He also specializes in relationship issues, depression, and anxiety. He graduated from the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology and practices in Edina, Minnesota.

Cynthia Peterson:

Cynthia Peterson has worked in the counseling and psychology field long enough to know that, even though people often need an additional source of support, beyond their friends and family, in order to work through their issues and lead satisfying, productive lives, it can be quite difficult for individuals to ask for help. Consequently, she provides her clients with the necessary tools to build a healthy foundation of self-esteem, helping them better regulate their emotions and diminishing the effects of depression, anxiety and trauma.

She has worked in hospitals, non-profit organizations and community mental health centers, gaining experience working with emergency personnel and other health care professionals, and she also provides supervision to students seeking to become counselors themselves.

Ms. Peterson specializes in relationship issues and her approach includes play therapy and anger management, as well as dialectic behavioral therapy, a specific type of cognitive behavioral therapy commonly used in the treatment of mental health disorders. She graduated from St. Mary’s University and practices in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Dr. Jeff Buikema:

Dr. Jeff Buikema firmly believes that every day can be a new beginning, a belief he has strengthened throughout his 25 years of experience, witnessing firsthand how countless individuals and couples can choose to overcome the set backs they encounter and improve their lives. He holds three licenses: he is a professional clinical counselor, an alcohol and drug counselor and a marriage and family therapist. He also specializes in professional mediation for couples as well as businesses and universities.

Thanks to his extensive qualifications, Dr. Buikema offers a comprehensive range of counseling and mediation services to help couples work through their relationship issues, teaching them how to communicate more effectively in order to resolve their conflicts. He graduated from Iowa State University and practices in Winona, Minnesota.

Brockman Schumacher Jr:

Brockman Schumacher Jr, a psychologist with more than 30 years of experience, grew up in an African-American community to interracial parents during segregation, an experience that left him with a deep understanding of the many issues that face individuals from different cultures and racial backgrounds. Additionally, he has directed domestic violence and drug and alcohol treatment programs, gaining valuable insight into the nature of dysfunction. He specializes in relationship issues, anxiety and trauma.

Mr. Schumacher focuses on developing the skill sets of his clients, helping them overcome their past and present issues. He also offers consultation services to professional groups and employers. He graduated from Southern Illinois University and practices in Minneapolis, Minnesota.