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Dr. Don Mize:

Dr. Don Mize, a doctor with more than 30 years in the field of Marriage and Couples Counseling has a office located in Crockett, Texas. He specializes in Marriage, Family, and Relationship issues which is perfect for those of you experiencing problems with your significant other but have children as well.

He also charges low prices for his sessions, only ranging from $30 – $80 and his office accepts a wide range of insurances making him a very affordable therapist for many couples and families.

Dr. Karen Michie:

Another Doctor who is not too pricey but seems to be a viable candidate for those of you seeking a Marriage Counseling therapist is Dr. Karen Michie. Her office is located in Burnet, Texas. Although she only has two years of experience her prices only range from $40 – $70.

If money is tight for you and your family, not only does her office accept many different insurances but Dr. Karen Michie is also known for being flexible in prices because she believes that anyone that is in need of counseling should be able to receive it. She definitely believes in finding an affordable solution for all her clients in order to help them to the best of her ability.

Dr. Dianne Baskin:

Dr. Dianne Baskin is a doctor with more than 15 years of experience and has a Masters of Education in Counseling. She specializes in working with adults and her prices only range from $60 – $90, making her very affordable for many.

Her years of experience make her very open minded, and a great listener with amazing problem solving skills. Her office is located in Denton, Texas and it accepts a wide range of insurances. These three are very good therapists for those of you seeking help for a low charge. Just because they cost less does not mean they will be any less effective.

Dr. Rick McCraw:

Dr. Rick McCraw charges more for his sessions and those range from $100 – $150 and has about 4 years of experience, but this does not mean that he is any less effective in providing positive results. His office is located in Commerce, Texas.

His techniques in aiding in the process of rekindling any relationship include increasing self-awareness, refining self-confidence of all individuals attending counseling and acceptance. He also helps improve your ability to deal with changes and difficulties, and making decisions that are better for you and your significant other.

Dr. Lori:

Another Doctor who charges a bit more for her sessions in Dr. Lori who is part of Atria Christian Counseling. She has a license in Marriage and Family Therapy, a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, and a phD in counseling psychology. All of her certifications make it seem like she would be a very helpful therapist.

She charges from a range of $80 – $140 per session. She works with individuals, families, and couples and her office is located in Little Elm, Texas. The counseling organization that she works under also provides biblically based counseling.

Dr. Glenn T Howard:

One last Doctor who is also a bit pricey but seems to be very helpful is Dr. Glenn T Howard. He is a licensed Marriage and Family therapist and can also provide Faith Based Counseling if you request it. His office is located in Pilot Point, Texas and he charges about $70 – $150 per session.

Aside from providing Marriage Counseling he also provides depression and grief counseling, and parenting support. These three therapists are very good for those of you who have a little extra to spend and are looking for experienced professionals that can help resolve your conflicts.

Nancy Graham

With over twenty years experience as a therapist, Nancy has been termed as the best relationship therapist in Houston Texas. Due to her education coupled with experience, Graham has continuously outdone her competitors. If the comments on her social media platforms are anything to go by, she is in this position to stay. Former clientele shows satisfaction in their feedback, pointing out how she empathizes with each one of them despite the fact that at times, she does not agree with them.

She mostly engages in relationship issues. In addition, she is an expert in dealing with depression and grief. Besides her specialties, Madam Nancy Graham has been of great assistance in matters touching on divorce, domestic violence, parenting and anger management. She has been in this field since 1981 gaining a lot of skills and experience over the years. Currently Nancy Graham works in a psych hospital. She is a former University of Texas student.

Michele K. Lane

The next on the list for the most competent individual, family and couple therapist in Texas is Michele K. Lane. Marital, step parenting, divorce and couples issues are her main concern. Dealing more with adults and reaching out to transsexual clients. Her services are both offered from an office setting and also via the internet. The online podium is what she thinks has made her so famous.

She is in a position to attend to clients from million of miles away. On the other hand patients living in Texas but with busy schedules can as well connect with the counselor online. On her website, Michele has given her phone contact through which you still can get hold of her attention. She has been doing this for the last thirty years. According to her words, she has never been so fulfilled in life since she started her profession. To her, it is a calling; to reconcile relationships and bring families together.

Madam Michele K. Lane graduated from University of Michigan and immediately embarked on to practicing psychology. She is recognized as a relationship therapist by the American Board of Examiners.

Scott Stanley

The next therapist on our list is Scott Stanley. Scott focuses on individual therapy and counseling. The PhD holder also concentrates on couples, marriages and relationship counseling. Besides the above, he attends to family and group therapy, couching and consultations. He understands that patients’ schedules may at time be tight. Consequently he has created an online platform where he offers his services. He schooled in Pacifica Graduate Institute where he was awarded his PhD. His specialization on family and marital matters has given him immense experience. He has been of help to partners losing their intimacy as he able to jump start their sex life.

Coleen Louise Owens

Another highly rated relationship therapist in Houston Texas is Coleen Loise. She is among the few psychotherapists licensed and recommend in modern day psychology. To her, listening is a vital ingredient for having any successful counseling. Her focus is mostly relationship issues, behavioral changes and depression. Her previous patients describe her as a compassionate psychiatry.

She employs her knowledge to creating an emotional connection with the individuals he attends to. Mostly dealing with adults, Ms Coleen establishes a collaborative problem workout program. Ensuring that parties seeking her help are involved in unraveling their relationship hiccups themselves. This goes a long way in helping them discover where the problem lies. That way, they are able to avoid it in the future. She has had experience in this field for the last three years since her graduation from Our Lady of the Lake University in 2012.

Ms Cindy Thornby

Cindy Thornby attention is bound for adults mostly with correlations. Her long career has seen her intercede, saving marriages and families. Thornby delves in cases to do with mood disorders, relationship and behavioral issues. She is also into career counseling, anger management, anxiety, divorce, domestic violence, infidelity, family conflict and also domestic abuse among many more.

Engaging couples and helping them come up with positive changes for healthy relations. Her motivation is seeing people who went to her fighting holding hands after the therapy. Hers also seeks to address the negative attitude couples have towards their unions. Instead, she encourages optimism by providing them with workable options. The nine year experience in therapy has not been in vain. Cindy is a former student of Regis University, an institution renowned for producing expert counselors.

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