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Dr George Bitar

Dr. George Bitar is a marriage and family therapist who uses the science-based Gottman method to help couples in committed relationships to deal with various issues like neglect, infidelity and other marriage issues. He has more than 10 years of experience as a therapist and is widely known for the use of evidence-based therapies. Dr George also specialises in counselling and premarital therapy for couples who wish to build a strong foundation in their married life.

Apart from working with couples, he also works with individuals who suffer from various disorders such as anxiety, depression and Obsessive compulsive disorder. He uses a combination of Cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness exercises to help individuals deal with stress and trauma and lead a happy and meaningful life. He is highly qualified and has a doctorate in psychology. Dr George Bitar is a graduate of Texas Tech University and practices in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mr Steve R Benson

Mr Steve R Benson is a therapist and counselor who believes that every individual has a beautiful story to express but struggle to express themselves due to anxiety, depression and various other issues. He believes in healing people through a grace-based method to lead a life of peace and happiness. He works with individuals suffering from marital issues, family issues and various other psychological ailments.

Steve Benson is one of the few therapists who believe in offering counselling at affordable rates. He has around 4 years of experience and his range of expertise also includes detoxification and recovery programs in youth residential units. Mr Steve Benson is a graduate from the covenant theological seminary and practices in both Charlotte and Denver, North Carolina.

Mrs Crystal Hulett

Mrs. Crystal Hulett is a marriage and family therapist who believes in giving her clients a safe and non-judgemental space for progress through therapy. She believes that providing therapy through warmth and compassion helps enhance its effectiveness. She specialises in a wide range of issues such as clinical and personality disorders, family systems and conflicts, anxiety, grief etc.

She is a member of the AAMFT and is trained in Cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma-focused CBT and Dialectical behavior therapy. She is also learning EMDR therapy and will pretty soon be using it to heal her clients. She believes in not only healing her clients but also transforming their lives. Mrs Crystal Hulett is a graduate of the Pfeiffer university and practices in Mooresville, North Carolina.

Dr Astra Czerny

Dr Astra Czerny is a highly qualified marriage and family therapist dealing with individuals, couples and families from all walks of life. She believes in helping her clients by making them understand what it is that is getting in their way to happiness. She helps people identify what needs to change and walks with them through the whole process of empowerment. Dr Astra Czerny deals with issues such as ADHD, Anger management, Coping issues, family disputes, divorce, trauma and PTSD.

Dr Astra Czerny has a doctorate in Psychology and is also certified in EMDR. She has 5 years of experience is considered in high regard by the medical community and most importantly her clients. She is a graduate from the University of North Carolina and practices in Cornelius, North Carolina.

Maggie Fogel

Maggie Fogel is a counselor who understands and deals with individuals who have family and relationship issues. She has been very successful in helping her clients work towards making the changes they seek. She believes that asking for help is one of the bravest things an individual does and she is there to genuinely help her clients to find peace and happiness.

She makes her clients feel relaxed and at ease through her non-judgemental way of therapy and finds out the root cause of their troubles. She listens to her client’s story and then from there they work together to build a secure base, build healthy skills and resolve traumatic issues.

She specialises in various issues such as family conflict, peer relationships, emotional disturbance, grief, domestic abuse and various other problems. With over 7 years of experience in counseling, she has a big list of satisfied clients and is widely recommended among them. Maggie Fogel is a graduate of the college of New Jersey and practices in Matthews, North Carolina.