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Dr. Marci Trotta:

Dr. Marci Trotta is a therapist that is locted in Overland Park, Kansas. She has many positive reviews and has an overall rating of 4.5 stars. Not only does she have a very flexible schedule, making it easy to book an appointment with her in the middle of your hectic lifestyle, but she also offers online sessions through Facebook and Skype for those of you that have a hard time with or making time for commute. Her specialty is working with adults, adolescents, couples, and families and her office accepts a wide range of insurances making her a very affordable candidate.

Dr. Ryan D. Allison:

Dr. Ryan D. Allison is a therapist that is located in Overland Park, Kansas as well and also has many positive ratings, giving him an overall rating of 4.7 stars. He specializes in couples therapy as well as group therapy which can be great for accommodating families. He has a lot of experience and has been working in Marriage and Family Therapy for almost 12 years.

He may not offer online sessions like Dr. Marci Trotta, but has a high rate of patient satisfaction when it comes to booking appointments and having a relatively flexible schedule seeing as to how he is able to schedule urgent appointments if needed which makes him seem very convenient. He is currently accepting new patients and has two locations in Overland Park which may make your commute easier.

Dr. Shannon Easterly:

Dr. Shannon Easterly has a 5 star rating, it seems that her patients are very satisfied with her work and have had positive outcomes because of their sessions with her. She is also located in Overland Park and is currently accepting new patients. Her specialties include Marriage and Family counseling as well as relationship counseling. Reviews with this doctor state that they sensed that there was a level of trust which can be very comforting for most patients and can further encourage them to resolve their conflicts.

Dr. Matthew S. Buss:

Dr. Matthew S. Buss is a therapist that is located in Merriam, Kansas and has an overall rating of 4.5. Because his specialty is Family therapy (but can include couples therapy) he may be the right fit for you if you are having relationship problems with your significant other but still have a family that you need to take care of.

With Dr. Matthew S. Buss to guide you, it can potentially save your family from thinking about separation. He has many patient reviews, almost all of which are positive, and has even won an Outstanding Patient Experience Award, guaranteeing that he can definitely be of help. He is also currently accepting new patients at this time.

Dr. Alex G. Ehrsam

Last but definitely not least, Dr. Alex G. Ehrsam is a therapist that is located in Overland Park, Kansas whose reviews are all positive giving him an overall 5 star rating. He is currently accepting new patients and his current and former patients seem to be very happy with the service and help that he was able to provide. As well as the other therapists, he has an open and flexible schedule and is very accommodating to the needs of his patients. His specialty is Marriage and Family Therapy and has been doing this for a few years.

The goal of every relationship is to work on fixing a problem before it gets out of either one of your hands, and these doctors are professionals that are all viable candidates in choosing who you go to when you are in that unfortunate situation. Not only will all of these Doctors do their best in order to aid in resolving your problems, but they will also help strengthen your relationship as well.

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