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Amanda Browne:

Amanda Browne has a passion for working with couples, families and individuals as they work to address issues in their lives and pursue healing, improved interpersonal relationships, and personal growth. She is a skilled marriage and family therapist who values therapeutic relationships with clients in order to achieve the goal of treatment.

She provides a safe, confidential space that helps the clients to be authentic with themselves and within the alliance of treatment. She ahs graduated with a Master of arts in Marriage and Family therapy from Christian Theological Seminary. Through the years, she has acquired skills in various programs that provide her with the ability to assist individuals, couples and families in addressing various concerns. These include personal relationships, family conflicts, anxiety, trauma, self-esteem, identity issues and even spiritual concerns.

Logan Everett:

Logan Everett believes that a healthy family starts with a healthy marriage. He would like to meet with clients at whatever stage they are in their lives. He has a passion for working with families and couples, helping them better understand themselves. His approach is faith-based, and he strives to help couples and families become the best they can be for themselves and others in several different areas and stages.

He goes above the call of duty to meet your needs as a client and he has extensive experience working with people who are going through struggles in their marriage. He also has experience in dealing with people who have gone through trauma or traumatic grief. He utilizes many techniques and theories in order to assist the client and he provided personalized services to each client.

Mr. Richard Lamberson:

His ideal client is the person who is disaffected with their life. So whether it’s relational issues, depression, anxiety or your life is not turning out how you would want, he is the person to see. As a client, he will help you to clarify who you are and what you want in your life. He likes to work with people to help them discover the real reason why they are not satisfied with their lives.

He hopes to encourage clients to become curious about how they think, feel and interact with other people and what is hindering them from achieving their goals in life. Most of his practice is focused on individuals and groups while couples occupy a fifth of his work. He has over 15 years of experience in his practice.

Mr. Don Childers:

He is a counselor with over 30 years of experience in counseling people who have relationship issues, couples who have marital and family problems and parents who need help with teenagers. He also works with gay or lesbian couples who would like their relationship to be healthier. When you have relationship problems, they trigger issues such as low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

This counselor believes that most people are unhappy because of problem relationships. His ideal client is the person who’s tired of other people trying to change or control them through behaviors such as blaming, complaining, criticisms, nagging and threatening. His client is the person who wants to put an end to such damaging behaviors.

Mr. Childers would want his clients to take responsibility for their actions and are willing to change. His specialty is improving relationships and he has been practicing since 1992. So Don’t Try Marriage Counseling in Indiana Until You Read Our Review.

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