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Finding the right Marriage counselor for you and/or your significant other can be hard, no matter what stage your relationship is in. Hopefully this list which, in my opinion, includes the top rated counselors in Missouri makes your decision much easier!

Perhaps you are just starting out and looking for someone that is cheap. If this is the case, then Dr. Vivian Foley would be a viable option for you. Despite the fact that she has not been doing this for long, does not make her as less capable of doing her job. She seems to just as effective in bringing positive results during your counseling experience.

Another option for those of you looking for the help you need but do not have the money to spend a lot is Dr. Patty Roosevelt. Once again, she has about a year of experience in the field, but her appointments start as low as $30 and her range only goes up to $80. She especially stands out because of her capability to work with families as well as couples which can be very helpful for those of you with children but are seeking marriage counseling.

On the other hand, If you are looking for someone who has had years of experience in marriage counseling but is not too pricey then Dr. Michelle Goldstein would be a great option for you. Her prices for each appointment start as low as $60 and her office which is located in Saint Louis, Missouri accepts a wide ranges of insurances. She seems to very passionate about her job.These are great candidates if you feel as though your relationship may be falling apart or you need something to help it along but do not have much to spend. Their low costs and wide range of acceptable insurances make it easy for you to find the help you need without emptying your pockets.

Now on to the more pricier side, for those of you who do not mind spending a little bit more. It is easy to find therapists that cost a fortune but difficult to find those of which who are actually helpful. Most of the therapists that have had more than 20 years of experience do tend to cost a lot more than ones with less experience. One such example would be Dr. Maria Liberman. Unfortunately, the lower side of her appointment costs start at about $170.

Even though she is a bit more pricey, she has worked at several different facilities over the many years that she has been in this field which have enhanced her skills and make her a very good candidate when you are looking at what therapist you should be seeing.

Another therapist that has a starting cost of $170 is Dr. William G Collins. He has more than 30 years of experience under his belt and is especially known for his successful work with not only families, but specifically the children. Some therapists without that many years of experience can still charge a lot for each appointment. Dr. Micheal Whig Mullins has only had about 2 years of experience but seems to be well versed in dealing with the emotional side of things. His appointments do cost about $200, but his office which is located in Creve Coeur, Missouri accepts a wide ranges of insurances, hopefully one that you fall under.

One more example would be Dr. Kenneth Howard. He has had about 5 years of experience and charges anywhere between $120 and $150 per session. Although he has only been doing this for 5 years, he is trained in Emotionally Focused Couples which has a huge focus on the bond and attachment of a couple. Do not let lack of experience prevent you from giving a certain counselor a try, they might just work out for you!

Finding the right marriage therapist can be difficult and frustrating, and choosing the wrong one can mean the difference between fixing a marriage and a divorce. The key is finding the one that works for you and that gives you the best results you can find in your specific situation. Hopefully this list has helped you narrow down all your options. These are all knowledge professionals who are here to help you facilitate a more successful and stronger relationship.