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3224 Ridge Rd
Lansing, Illinois 60438

There are several marriage therapists working in Illinois today. Dr. Cihonski is one of the most experienced and recognized among them due to a number of reasons. To begin with, she is highly educated- holding both a doctoral degree and PhD in psychology. In addition to this strong educational background, she has been practicing as a therapist for over two decades; working with all kinds of clients with diverse needs. This experience has seen her specializing in a range of issues with an emphasis on relationships, children/adolescents as well as behavioral problems.

It is for this reason that she is listed as one of the Nationally Certified School Psychologists and Infant/toddler Developmental Specialists. Among the issues that she deals with on a daily basis and would be of great assistance to anyone needing therapy on include parenting, adoption, spirituality, sexual abuse, and domestic violence. These are in addition to other specialties such as anger management, learning disorders, emotional disturbance and divorce.


307 North Michigan Avenue
suite 914
Chicago, Illinois 60601

Another top ranking therapist based in the state of Illinois is Robert Feldman. He is trained as a clinical social worker- having obtained a masters degree on the same. His long experience of over 30 years as a practicing therapist has seen him certified a Licensed Clinical Social Health Worker (LCSW) in addition to being granted the Board Certified Diplomate (BCD).

This therapist focuses on dealing with a client base comprising of children, individual adults and couples who have issues in one or more of his specialties. Some of the problems that he offers therapy on are: relationship issues, parenting and depression.He places emphasis on various therapy methods so as to encourage holistic healing. These methods include psycho dynamic, marital/family and play therapy.



16162 Ellis Ave
Suite 1
South Holland, Illinois 60473

This University of Illinois graduate is also among some of the most exceptional therapists in the state. Despite the fact that she graduated as a Clinical Social Health Worker barely a decade ago, she has managed to achieve a Licensed Clinical Health Worker status in the five years that she has been practicing. She has cut a niche for herself as a therapist focusing on clients as young as toddlers all through to adolescents and adults.

Her mode of counseling takes the form of family sessions, parental or couple counseling, in addition to individual therapy sessions. She specializes in assisting the clients to overcome various kinds of problems that they may be experiencing or going through in her specialties of children/adolescents, mood disorders as well as trauma and PTSD. These include: emotional disturbance, parenting, adoption, grief, and spirituality.



A list of the most reputable therapists in Illinois today cannot be compiled without her name popping up somewhere along the way. She is one of the most highly educated, having been trained as Marriage and Family Therapist, and a licensed one for that matter. This is in addition to holding a PhD. in psychology. In her over twenty years of experience, she has specialized in depression, relationship issues, and self esteem.

This has seen her delve into offering her clients therapy on various kinds of problems such as sexuality issues (transgender, gay, bisexual and lesbian issues) , pre-marital counseling, family conflicts, suicidal idealization and divorce. As part of her therapies, she also focuses on a wide array of social and cultural factors such as class ism and racism which may be affecting the client for one reason or another; This is all aimed at aiding in the healing process.


Edgewood Clinical Services
2948 Artesian Rd Suite 112
Naperville, Illinois 60564

Finally to cap our list of the best therapists found in Illinois today is Amy Henderson. She is a 2010 graduate of Governors state University– graduating with a masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. Furthermore, she is licensed to practice as a Clinical Professional Counselor; something she has been doing for the past four years with a specialization in parenting, relationship issues and family conflicts. This has seen her focus on offering therapy sessions to clients who have are going through a number of problems and issues that affect individuals, children, couples and families in general. Some of these include codependency, divorce, career counseling, mother-daughter relationships and adoption. In view of this, she is one of those therapists that cater for a clientele that comprising of toddlers all the way up to elders.