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Robert Murman is a marriage counselor with over thirty years of experience helping individuals and couples enjoy the relationships they deserve. Since 1982, he has been using psychotherapy to achieve great success in improving the lives of his clients. Mr. Murman has the experience to deal with a wide range of conditions that can cause or exacerbate relationship difficulty including infidelity, anger management issues, depression, anxiety, and anxiety. He can also help with the most severe issues including substance abuse, domestic violence, suicidal tendencies and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

At the crux of Mr. Murman’s techniques is assisting clients with improved interpersonal communication. Relationships are much easier and difficulties less frequent when couples can communicate openly and honestly. This skill makes it much easier to resolve problems in a mutually agreeable and non-confrontational manner. Mr. Murman is a graduate of Central Michigan University and has offices in Reynoldsburg and Pickering, Ohio.


Brock Bauer is a Clinical Social Worker and therapist that understands the challenges that modern life places upon even the most stable relationships. Individuals can become overwhelmed with stress and demands that can have a collateral damage on their closest relationships. At some point, coping mechanisms can fail which can result in relationship problems. Also, these problems can be made worse by emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, guilt, trauma and low self-esteem. Mr. Bauer has a track record of success in working with a wide range of clients in all age groups from children to the elderly. He also has experience working with couples and individuals of different gender identities and sexual orientations.

Mr. Bauer views his profession through a very common sense prism–his job is to restore some degree of balance to the emotional lives of his clients. From that point, he can assist in formulating new methods of thought and behavior that can produce greater happiness, success and fulfillment personally and in relationships. Mr. Bauer is a graduate of Ohio State University and has offices in Columbus and Worthington, Ohio.


Cara Tuley is a counselor with over twenty years of professional experience. Her approach is somewhat unique as she treats her clients exclusively online. She can conduct virtual sessions via any Internet-enabled device that results in more convenient scheduling but also the ability to transcend the usual geographic limitations. Her counseling software is HIPAA certified to guarantee the highest standards of confidentiality. Also to helping couples with relationship issues Ms. Tuley can treat individuals, families and children. She has experience in treating a variety of emotional conditions including depression, anxiety, infidelity and low self-esteem. She can also assist with more serious issues such as drug and alcohol addiction. Ms. Tuley also offers clients ‘on demand’ access via email, IM and text messaging.

Ms. Tuley’s virtual exclusive practice also provides highly flexible scheduling. She is available seven days a week between the hours of 7 AM and 10 PM. Ms. Tuley is a graduate of Cincinnati University.


Paula Bohl is a Clinical Social Worker and therapist that helps individuals and couples overcome emotional and psychological difficulties for them to lead a happier and more productive life. She has experience in helping clients with therapy for anxiety, depression, stress, and communication problems. She can also treat clients suffering from drug or alcohol addiction. In most situations, her clients come to her for help with relationships that have been compromised or damaged by problematic behavior.

Ms. Bohl’s methodology is to use a mixture of techniques along with humor and kindness to help clients unravel their issues. From that point, she can help them learn new communication techniques and coping skills. Ms. Bohl is a graduate of Ohio State University and practices in West Chester, Ohio.