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Mrs. Amanda C Campbell:

By using evidence-based practices, Mrs. Amanda C Campbell helps couples in reconnecting with each other and building incredible communication skills that allows them to build emotional intimacy. She provides useful instructions on how to have conflicts that helps build the relationships rather than harm it.

Her chief goal is to give insight to the families and couples on patterns that presently exist that obstruct their relationships and assist them understand new strategies of interacting with each other to foster empathy, understanding, and tenderness. Being a mother of three and both biological and adopted, Mrs. Amanda C Campbell can perfectly relate to the challenges and stress that you currently experience.

She currently has more than 7 years of practice in this niche and is a graduate of Campbellsville University. Apparently, her life story is quite interesting, and that’s why she comes first in this list. I like her so much. She takes a nurturing and affirmative approach to confronting life problems. She’s my favorite therapist and is second to none all over the state of Kentucky. Her services go above and beyond that of any other therapist in Kentucky.

Mrs. Diana R. Delp:

Having 19 plus years of practice in this specialty and being a graduate of the university of Louisville, Mrs. Diana R. Delp is a licensed and certified family and marriage therapist specializing in family issues and relationship, trauma (sexual, emotional, and physical), anxiety, phobias, and self-esteem issues.

She can certainly assist you deal with the negative impacts of the past and current events. These may include depression, sexual abuse, anxiety, accidents, panic and attack issues, and family of origin issues.

Having the necessary experience and expertise in family therapy, she utilizes relational therapy to counsel various individuals, groups, and the couples. She’s a certified PREPARE/ENRICH therapist assisting couples in various phases of life. Furthermore, as an EMDR LEVEL II therapist, she has managed to assist clients with relieving pain and phobias.

Her style is a little bit exceptional from the rest as it involves gentle while being more direct and interactional. She’s always ready to collaborate with anyone with respectful, supportive and non-judgmental approach. She’s apparently one of the best and deserves to get into my comprehensive list.

Joshua Johnston:

Therapy is all about connecting with people in a way that you feel valued and understood in any setting. Joshua’s approach centers on working with individuals to figure out their unique beliefs and values, which finally guides their experiences.

Joshua Johnston specializes in working with couples, families, and individuals. His practice is particularly focused on improving general well-being, enhancing relationship satisfaction, and reducing relational distress. The most common complaints that he has worked with include symptoms directly related to depression, anxiety, and marital distress.

As a graduate of university of Kentucky and the Purdue University, and being a certified marriage and family therapist, Joshua embraces diversity and attempts to treat everyone with exceptional needs. He uses various components of mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems theory to create a unique experience personalized to individual needs.

With more than 4 good years of experience and incredible educational background, Joshua offers tailor made services to suit every family and individual needs. Apparently, Joshua Johnston’s services are exceptional throughout the state of Kentucky.

Melanie McClish:

Melanie McClish is another counselor with extensive range of expertise in this subject. She enjoys working with couples, families, and individuals with a variety of needs. She firmly believes that there’s no problem without a solution in this world, and she strives to reach goals you’re trying to achieve.

She is a family and marriage therapist and she majors in sex therapy. If you’re experiencing challenges in your marriage or in your relationship that are affected by; erectile dysfunction, orgasm difficulty, premature ejaculation, painful intercourse, low or high sexual desire and desire discrepancy, she’s the right therapist to address your issues.

Over the years, Melanie McClish has worked with several couples experiencing communication challenges, recovering from an affair, or general dissatisfaction in their relationships and she has managed to properly address their issues.

With over 5 years in practice and being a graduate of the University of Louisville, Melanie McClish has a great deal of expertise helping couples and individuals with parenting strategies. Furthermore, she enjoys working with families and couples facing a variety of problems. She’s absolutely one of the best therapists in Kentucky.

Mr. Donald Robert Lester II:

The Counseling Center, INC. is another treatment facility that centers on all-inclusive mental health treatment for couples, families, and adolescents.

Mr. Donald Robert Lester II has offered his genuine services since 2005, and his services are tailored to suit every individual needs. He gives special concern for individuals with mood disorders, marriage counseling, as well as eating disorders.

He studied in Lindsey Wilson College and successfully graduated in 2004. He has over 10 years in practice, and his expertise in this specialty can never be underestimated. He is one of the best when it comes to service provision and that’s why he has made his way into this list.