1. Mr. Herbert Baker:

First on the list is Mr. Herbert Baker (MDiv, LMHC, LADC-CGP, and MEd). He has been working with couples, adults and children and has over thirty years of experience. His treatment approaches are mostly of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral), existential and humanistic. He specializes in dual diagnosis, domestic violence and spirituality. His vast experience and amazing track record has led him to be ranked number one in our ranking system for licensed therapist in Massachusetts.

He feels that therapy works best unrushed and comfortably, it takes bonding and trust between the therapist and the clientele and he strongly believes in forming strong relationships with the clients to understanding them better. He practices in Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.

  1. Ms. Jennifer Croce:

Ms. Jennifer Croce is a LMHC, CAGS and MS who has been working with families and children since the past 20 years. She is mostly concerned with a holistic approach and tries to find solutions by learning about all parts of her client’s lives to understand them better.

She is a family oriented therapist and takes great strides to help clients develop skills like anger management, relaxation and impulse control. She helps people cope up with their emotions and society at large.She has a very good track record with marital issues and has successfully rejuvenated the lives of many couples during their bad times. She has an exceptional record with couples facing divorce or affected by infidelity.

Due to her high popularity in Massachusetts she nearly always has a wait list and you are advised to book a session well in advance. She believes in forming relationships with clients to understand them better and takes a lot of time and effort to help a client which makes her extremely busy to handle too many clients at once. Office location is in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

  1. Christine Becerra :

Ms. Christine Becerra is a LMHC focused on people in relationships where conflicts are aplenty and has fixed a lot of relationships and also helped people get out of bad relationships with domestic violence and infidelity. She has been exceptional and has 4 years of work experience with a large list of happy clientele. She speaks English and Spanish which has resulted in a lot of Hispanics and Latino individuals and families to approach her.

Her treatment focuses on motivation and creating self-confidence and has remained confident in her skills to help clients become stronger mentally to face hurdles head on and develop as individuals and as families. Office location is at 20 Main St, Northborough, MA 01532.

  1. Mrs. Tanya Faynberg :

With over fifteen years of experience she ranks 4th in our Heads Up: Review the Top 5 Marriage Therapists in Massachusetts. She has a great track record in helping individuals and couples cope with family conflicts, parenting and adoption related problems.

She has been a great motivator to couples and helps couples deal with domestic abuse and depression. She also specializes in Asperger’s syndrome which is common in children and affects parents greatly.She graduated from the famous Northeastern University in the year 1999 and has been working ever since with children, families and couples.

She believes in eclectic treatment and integrates family systems with an interactive approach. She speaks English and Russian which is beneficial for Russian speaking individuals and couples and also tourists visiting the United States from Russia and bordering countries. Office location is at 275 Turnpike St Suite 105, Canton, MA 02021.

  1. Ms. Susan Fagin :

Concluding our list of the top 5 therapists in Massachusetts is Ms. Susan Fagin who is solely concerned with couples and is one of the best marriage and divorce counsellors in the state. She helps couples cope up with anxiety, grief, anger and behavioral issues.

She works closely with couples on the verge of divorce and adolescents who are affected by divorce or domestic abuse. She examines everything from a client’s work life to their social life to connect the dots and find a cause and solution for their problems.

She also has an acupuncture clinic for healing and massage which is widely popular for its hypnosis therapies. She has over thirty years of experience and is one of the most experienced therapists in the country with an excellent track record in helping families getting out of crises in relationships. Her office location is at 5 Edgell Rd #21, Framingham, MA 01701.

This concludes our list of the best 5 therapists in Massachusetts and hope you can find answers to your personal and family conflicts from these highly talented individuals who have been helping so many people from all around the country and will surely find answers to your own problems from them as well.

More reviews are on the way for cities like South Boston, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell, and Cambridge.