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Ephraim A Frankel


He is a marriage and family therapist. He has been recognized twice as one of Milwaukee’s Top Psychotherapists in couples, family and marriage therapy. His therapy sessions are energizing, creative, engaging, innovative and designed to work best for you as an individual or a couple. After working for over 20 years, Ephraim believes in growing clients’ partnership relationships and personal authenticity will.

Ephraim work to solve divorce/ re-marriage issues, couples seeking deeper connections. Resolution on issues of co-parenting, money, step family challenges and greater sexual intimacy. Other issues Ephraim attends to are infidelity and healing of individuals from affairs.


Over 20 years of experience. He graduated from University of Wisconsin, Madison in 1980. He is qualified with a P h.D. In Marriage and Family Therapy. His license number is 376-124 Wisconsin. He has also been a member of Step Family Association/Certified Practitioner since 1993.


A session with Ephraim will cost you $180-$220. He also accepts insurance. You can pay services through the following methods; American Express, Check, Discover, Visa, MasterCard, Cash or Health Savings Account.

Julie Ford


She is a qualified marriage and family therapist. In case of marriage affairs, alcoholism due to marital problems she is the best option. She believes that by one learning new skills you can deal with problems in a better and healthier manner. She is a compassionate and skilled psychotherapist since 1996. She works with couples, substance abuse, lack of intimacy, parenting concerns, developmental issues, infidelity, and also blended families. She also helps clients who are experiencing depression, abusive relationships, self esteem problems and loss.

His approaches to therapy are; cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness training, experiential/humanistic family systems, motivational interviewing and developmental couples work.


She has practiced family and marriage therapy in San Francisco Bay Area in California for 18years. He has worked with people from different parts of the world. He Graduated from California State University, Fresco in 1993. License number is 912-124, Wisconsin.

Christine A. Harness


She is a therapist who deals with marriages, adolescents, older children and adults. She is qualified in the field with a PhD. in clinical psychology. She works with people experiencing anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, marital concerns and other issues. She also works in organizational/industrial psychology and meditation. The consultation and medication fees differ from couples’ psychotherapy fee. Christine favors psycho dynamic, humanistic and cognitive approaches.

Christine believes that the process of therapy is a combined undertaking which include an active effort by the client between the session and during the session.


She has been on practice for the last 10 years. She graduated in 2004 from university of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. Her license number and state is 2547-57 Wisconsin.


The average cost per session is $150-$200. She also accepts insurance. You can pay through cash or check.

Leslie Teerlink

She works with adults, couples and families. She believes on her clients’ attentiveness, right to respect and empathy. The client should be in control of their sessions. Leslie does not restrict herself to a one treatment modality. Each individual should receive an individualized treatment approach.


She has been in the practice for 7 years. She graduated from Mount Mary College in 2006. Her license number is 4557-125, Wisconsin.

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