Daniel L Rock:


Daniel Rock’s focus in his clinical practice is interpersonal relationships. Whether that be marriage, divorce, dating, friendships, parent-child, or others, he has an extensive background in personal counseling.

He assists couples and individuals regardless of their marital status, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.

The kinds of professional services that he provides is wide, including treatment for couples currently experiencing relationship issues, discernment counseling, an intervention to help couples decide between divorce and couple psychotherapy, and primary prevention, which is for couples who are not currently having problems, but want to be prepared in the future for relationship distress.

Rock has over 20 years of experience, having graduated from Vanderbilt University in 1989. His specialties lie in marital and premarital, infidelity, and relationship issues therapy.

No matter what service he is offering, though, his goals are always to educate individuals about what psychology has to offer about intimate relationships, and what a partner can do, both with and without professional help, to create positive change in their marriage or relationship.

Charles C Clabough:


Charles Clabough has been practicing as a licensed psychologist for over 15 years, having graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1990.

He works primarily with adults, but also sees some older teens and adolescents. He sees a wide range of problems such as depression and anxiety disorders, existential issues, life dissatisfaction concerns, as well as with couples and individuals on relationship issues.

He has been trained in humanistic, CBT, and psychodynamic approaches, often combining and utilizing a mixture of the three. He is always willing to talk with patients and answer any questions they may have about what they may expect during their treatment.

He always wants those he’s working with to feel relaxed, comfortable, and secure while working with him. He recognizes the need to protect his patient’s identity and always guards private information with the sensitivity it needs.

He always strives to make therapy a collaboration to work together to achieve goals. He has extensive experience working with Employee Assistance Programs and has previously worked for Cigna Behavioral Health as the EAP manager for the state of Tennessee, often consulting on employee issues at their corporate office.

Ralph S Childs:


Ralph Childs is a counselor who provides hope, comfort, understanding, and peace of mind to his clients. He is always willing to really listen to problems and offer hope.

He has an extensive background helping people make life-changing decisions about work, family, and relationships. He loves people and bringing hope back to his clients and provides the tools to teach people how to make themselves better.

Many doctors refer their patients to counselors who use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, something he has an extensive background in. His approach is multifaceted, though, also using Psychotherapy to restore mental health, instill hope, and correct behavioral problems. He believes that thought always precedes feeling and that correcting the ways in which we think is always helpful in fixing an issue.

Childs has over 15 years of experience, graduating from Peabody College of Vanderbilt University in 1996. He uses Choice Theory and believes that we choose most of our behaviors to satisfy our needs. He also uses the unique technique of coaching in many of his sessions to help put his clients at ease and allow them to look at their perceptions without guilt or pain.