Vanessa Kats

REVIEW: Vanessa karts is a psychologist and holds a PsyD. Venessa Kats graduated from California School of Professional Psychology in 2007.

Vanessa is bilingual and bi-cultural (American and Spanish) with an extensive, over ten-year experience in both Mexico and Los Angeles. She believes that even though therapy can be daunting and a painful process towards self-discovery when partaken in a supportive and emphatic environment it can be immensely life changing.

Besides offering therapy for relationship and family issues, she has experience in the treatment of depression, sexual abuse life transition, and anxiety.

Over the years, she has helped couples having difficulty in trusting and committing to each other, and has helped individuals cope with the after math of divorce or separation. Together you will explore how the past has influenced you, and the changes will take to have more gratifying future.

Constance Hammen

REVIEW: Constance Hammen is a clinical psychologist, with over 30 years of experience. She likes to work with people that are fundamentally effective but are however struggling with an obstacle that impairs their well-being.

She acknowledges that her therapy works best for people who are willing to be active in their therapy and want the tools that they can use when they are not in the therapy hour. To her, therapy is a collaborative partnership.

Besides relationship counseling Constance Hammen has specialized in research and teaching and has trained many clinical psychologists. Her practice involves cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and electic.

Karyn Maczka

REVIEW: Karyn Maczka studied at Pepperdine University. She ascertains that the richness and the complexity of the human mind is a result of interaction between our unique biology and lifelong experiences.

The combination of those two factors and our efforts to cope with them can lead to debilitating conditions that result in relationship conflict, anxiety depression and difficulty in making decisions.

Besides, her extensive knowledge as a Marriage and Family Therapist, she also assists her clients to cope with anxiety and grief.

She uses a collaborative approach to assist clients to develop constructive ways to improve their relationship and cope with life stressors enabling them to attain a better quality of life.

As a native English and Spanish speaker, she offers her therapy in both languages. Among her treatment approach include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and mindfulness-based therapy (MBCT).

Michael Liberatore

REVIEW: Michael Liberatore has been a marriage and family therapist for over five years. Michael holds a diploma from the Association of Batterers Intervention Programs.

He also holds a certificate from Antioch University on LGBT Specialization. Both of which he acquired in 2008. His primary goal during therapy is to provide a safe, caring non-judgmental environment. This approach enables his clients to grow and refocus their self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.

As a post-modern therapist, Michael believes in working collaboratively with his clients and together, bring the changes the client desires.

Over the years, Michael has specialized in relationship issues, from domestic abuse and anger management to non-traditional relationship and LGBT issues. In addition, he also he assists in sexual addiction/compulsion from a systemic view point.