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Jason Levin is a Clinical Social Worker and therapist with a unique professional background. He started his professional life as a stand-up comedian, and he still believes in the therapeutic value of laughter. It’s much easier to maintain positive relationships–or work to fix problematic ones–when emotions such as stress, anxiety and depression are at a minimum. Mr. Levin hopes to provide his clients with objectivity, compassion and empathy as he helps them in resolving difficult issues in their individual lives and their relationships.

Mr. Levin has experience in treating many psychological and emotional issues that can cause problems in relationships. These include anger management, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Addressing this type of issue with the individual is essential before work on the relationship can begin. Mr. Levin can also work with individuals, families or in group sessions when necessary. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland–Baltimore and practices in Middletown, Delaware.


Kelly McLaughlin is a Clinical Social Worker and therapist that operates under the belief that clients are best able to progress from a place of motivation. Furthermore, it is essential that the couple or individual feels comfortable with their therapist. Most importantly, they have to have trust in their marriage counselor and believe that their needs are understood.

Ms. McLaughlin prides herself on her ability to get to the essence of her clients needs and to blend clinical techniques to address best their problems. Two of her primary methodologies are cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness training. Both seek to establish within her clients a greater awareness of their thoughts and actions. The goal is to ‘rewire’ their subconscious thought processes to eliminate negative thoughts and replace them with more affirmative self-talk.

Ms. McLaughlin operates her practice in a very flexible manner to best accommodate the scheduling needs of her clients. She offers evening appointments as well as conducting sessions via Skype or telephone. Ms. McLaughlin is a graduate of West Chester University and practices in Wilmington, Delaware with a second office location in Newark.


Joan Procaccio is a marriage and family therapist that works with individuals, couples and groups to help improve and strengthen relationships. Problems in relationships take many forms and causes. Some relate to behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, low self-esteem or other mood disorders. Other problems stem from poor communications or problem-solving skills. Still others are the result of major life traumas such as the death of a close friend or loved one.

Ms. Procaccio helps clients to improve their coping skills and communication techniques. No matter the situation, the ability to better express one’s needs to a partner will often lead to an improved relationship. It can also help reduce interpersonal stress and tension that, in turn, can help with other emotional issues. Ms. Procaccio is a graduate of Hahnemann University and practices in Lewes, Delaware.


Cher Stout is a Clinical Social Worker and therapist that views the counseling process as a collaborative effort. The therapist and client must share trust, the ability to communicate and a strong understanding of the needs and goals that are in play. In this type of environment, an individual or couple can best facilitate positive change and growth. Ms. Stout has worked with couples as well as individuals, groups, families and adolescents. Her goal is to help everyone involved better understand the problematic issues and work to resolve them. Ultimately, she assists her clients in finding “personal growth, emotional wellness, improved self-esteem and healthy boundaries and relationships.”

Ms. Stout employs an eclectic therapeutic approach that she describes as “open, interactive, and supportive.” She helps clients reconcile how their past and present life decisions impact current relationships. Her therapeutic methods focus on helping clients gain a clear understanding of themselves and their thought process. Once this is done, she helps them make positive changes that will lead to better emotional balance and improved relationships. Ms. Stout is a graduate of Delaware State University and practices in Millsboro, Delaware.


Janis Truka is a relationship counselor with wide ranging experience that includes experience working with alternative sexual identities. She provides clients with a safe, honest and supportive environment in which they can articulate their problems, needs and goals both individually and within their personal relationships. Ms. Truka focuses on helping clients understand where they are and what they want, and then helps them reach their desired outcome.

Ms. Truka has experience in treating many of the ancillary conditions that can occur with relationship discord including depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. She is a graduate of Wilmington University, and practices in Newark, Delaware.