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Back In A Flash is a combined of wellness programs discovered in Downtown Denver. Clients have the option of selecting one or more programs to assist them accomplish their wellness objectives.

Denver Recovery Center

Denver Recovery Center offers a unique approach to addiction treatment that combines holistic methods with evidence-based treatment options. Treatment specialists at Denver Recovery Center will work w

Denver Family Institute - Denver, Colorado 80237

Affordable Family, Couples and Individual Therapy We offer sliding scale family and couples therapy services. We are a high quality, affordable, and inclusive counseling provider… our doors are

Center For Recovery, Inc. - Denver, Colorado 80224

Substance Abuse Treatment The Center For Recovery offers substance abuse intensive outpatient treatment programs for adults, and for adolescents 15-19 years of age. All groups meet 3 times a week for
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People House - Denver, Colorado 80211

Affordable Counseling Program People House offers affordable, accessible counseling for all who are empowered to better their lives, with services offered on an income-based sliding scale. This progra


John S. Schultz expresses his purpose in helping couples as ‘assisting them’ in ‘resolving blocks that prevent them from moving forward’ in life both individually and within a relationship. He is of the opinion that clients typically have the solution to any problem ‘within them’ and it’s his role to help them discover and refine it. Also to working with couples in a relationship, Mr. Schultz works with families, adolescents and families.

He has the qualifications to deal with even the most difficult and problematic issues including domestic violence, family violence, substance abuse, infidelity. He also helps clients with mental and emotional conditions that can cause problems in relationships including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and others.

Mr. Schultz has specialized training and experience to deal with victims of trauma both individually and within a relationship. He can help clients with sexual identity issues and offers services to artists helping them to overcome ‘creative blocks’. Mr. Schultz is a graduate of Southwestern College and practices in Grand Junction, Colorado.


Brian Holcombe is a marriage and family counselor with a specialization treating sexual and intimacy issues. It’s no secret that a harmonious sex life contributes greatly to a happy and devoted relationship. In relationships where the primary issues are non-sexual they can manifest themselves in a couple’s sexual intimacy. Mr. Holcombe has experience in treating sexual addiction, porn addiction as well as substance abuse and eating disorders. Any of these conditions can cause or exacerbate problems within a marriage or relationship.

Mr. Holcombe also treats clients suffering from grief or separation issues, depression, anxiety, trauma and with anger management issues. He has worked with clients in all age and demographic groups and a variety of clinical settings including group, individual, couples and family therapy. He can provide a religious component to the treatment program upon client request. Mr. Holcombe is a graduate of Colorado College and practices in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Beth Teeters is a marriage and family therapist dedicated to helping clients build ‘safe, supportive relationships’. Just as no two individuals are alike, no two relationships are alike. The problems within a relationship are also unique and as a result Ms. Teeters uses a course of treatment to address the specific needs of each couple. Her goal in the clinical process is to help clients understand and emphasize their individual strengths and the strengths of their relationship. She also provides a positive, objective and supportive voice for clients during the change process.

Ms. Teetens has experience in working with families, couples, individuals and groups. In couples therapy, she suggests that her primary goal is ‘rekindling interest, respect and desire.’ She does this by working to develop ‘confidence, skill and motivation’ in the individual and their approach toward the marriage. She also has experience in treating many of the ancillary issues such as depression, anxiety, and poor impulse control. Ms. Teetens is a graduate of the University of Colorado and practices in Englewood, Colorado.


Alana Warlop is a Denver-based counselor that offers her clients a holistic approach to improving themselves as individuals and within their relationships. She brings experience from a wide variety of healing disciplines to her practice with training in Transpersonal Psychology, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, and Yoga. She uses these and other concepts in her practice with a strong emphasis on mindfulness and coaching. Every client receives their own individually tailored course of treatment.

Her goal with couples therapy is to create a trusting, safe environment for that allows individuals and couples to get the perspective they need to move forward. By coming to an understanding of who they are they can then figure out where they are going in life and within their relationship.


Dr. Kristen Hick is a psychologist who believes that great relationships do not happen ‘by accident’. Instead, a happy partnership is the result of a concerted effort by both parties. Through her care, she enables clients to ‘heal, strengthen and transform’ their relationships. The primary goal is to gain understand into problematic thought and behavior patterns and the role they have in recurring relationship issues. At this point, change and growth are possible.

Dr. Heck is of the opinion that the most important relationship a person can have is with themselves. A healthy self-concept is essential not only to personal happiness but harmony within relationships. Dr. Heck is a graduate of the California School of Professional Psychology and practices in Denver, Colorado.