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Terry Karmel:

Terry Karmel, a therapist based in Bluffton, South Carolina, has 3 years of experience as a marriage and family therapist. She ensures a personal and comfortable experience for her clients through sincere and genuine communication based on a foundation of reliability and respect. She is LGBTQ friendly and works with an extensive range of clients, whether they be individuals, couples, or groups dealing with newly established relationships to families or individuals struggling with divorce. She aims to guide each one of her clients toward a road of a more beneficial and individualized solution.

Terry Karmel graduated from Capella University in 2011 and has a MS and LMFT. Her specialties include relationship issues, life coaching, and child or adolescent therapy. She works with children as young as 6 to elderly above the age of 65. She helps her clients tackle issues such as grief, parenting, depression, co-dependency, sex therapy, self-esteem, and much more. She exercises approaches such as cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT), coaching, solution focused brief treatment (SFBT), emotionally focused, attachment-based, relational, among many others kinds of techniques to help build her client’s confidence and security in themselves and their lifestyle.

Lyn Harrison:

Lyn Harrison works in Charleston, South Carolina with more than 20 years of experience in the field of therapy and clinical social work. She believes a therapist and client should develop a mutual and authentic relationship whilst working together to look for an advantageous and effective treatment plan. Her predominant approach to a healthy and happy lifestyle is through finding attainable and beneficial goals for each of her clients, thus helping them to get back on their feet whether they are struggling with relationship issues, family conflict, or divorce.

Lynn Harrison graduated from the University of Georgia in 1981 and has an ACSW and LISW-CP. Not only does Lyn Harrison work with marital and relationship issues, but she also has experience with mental issues such as depression, anxiety, or trauma and PTSD. She works with individuals, couples, and families ranging from children to adults with cognitive behavioral treatment as her main approach for her method of treatment.

Melody H. Smith

Mrs. Melody H. Smith is an experienced and licensed marriage and family therapist with a MA, LMFT, and a CACI, who has had experience in her field for 5 years in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. She aspires to help guide individuals and couples to create and find relationships in their life that are healthy and fulfilling. She believes constructing a genuine relationship with each of her clients will help to inspire them to create an understanding of their relationships and their lives. She works with issues such as relationship issues, anxiety, and depression to assist her client’s growth.

Mrs. Melody H Smith works with individuals, couples, and families, specializing in areas like family conflict, spirituality, parenting, co-dependency, and others. Her wide range of approaches for treatment consists, but aren’t limited to, cognitive behavioral (CBT), solution focus brief (SFBT), psychoanalytic, and motivational interviewing.

Melissa Dawicki

Melissa Dawicki, a counselor in Spartanburg, South Carolina, offers 7 years of experience at The Rhythm of Hope LLC. She aims to give her clients high quality counseling services with a comfortable and therapeutic environment for a beneficial experience. She ensures that each session can be tailored to fit every clients individualized needs, from behavioral problems, relationship issues, or anxiety. Her goals are to liberate and uplift each of her clients, giving them stepping stones for the direction they want to go, while still offering affordable prices.

Melissa Dawicki graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2011 and has a LPC and a CCBT. Her clients are mainly individuals, couples, or family, ranging from children to elders. She focuses on issues such as, but not limited to, parenting, domestic violence, self-esteem, divorce, family conflict, and depression. Her treatment techniques include methods like cognitive behavioral (CBT), mindfulness-based (MCBT), solution focused brief (SFBT), reality therapy, client-centered therapy, among other approaches.

Anthony Finke:

Anthony Finke is a counselor in Moncks Corner, South Carolina at the Lakeside Family Center, providing 7 years of experience. He feels that therapy can help guide people to explore their life in new and various aspects within an encouraging and safe environment that help give couples the skills to work out conflicts and find trust within each other. Specializing with family conflict, mood disorders, and children and adolescent counseling, Anthony Finke offers genuine, engaging, and open counseling for a diverse array of clients.

Graduated from Webster University in 2007 with a MA and LPC, Anthony Finke has dealt with issues such as sexual abuse, co-dependency, domestic abuse, self-esteem, relationship issues, and divorce. He works with toddlers younger than 6 to elders older than 65. When working with individuals, couples, or families, he uses treatment methods such as cognitive behavioral (CBT), interpersonal, solution focused brief (SFBT), trauma focused, motivational interviewing, among a list of other techniques.