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More Counselors in Wisconsin

#1 Dr. Byron Bloemer is a psychologist with over 20 years of experience in marriage therapy. In addition to owning Cedar Creek Counseling in Mequon, Wisconsin, he also trains other psychologists at University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Cedar Creek Counseling works to help clients feel better as soon as possible while also helping them move toward personal growth.

To do so, they offer a number of state-of-the-art treatments, including Brainspotting Therapy, Bilateral Stimulation, and Somatic Processing. In addition to these treatments, Dr. Bloemer offers traditional talk therapy for couples but also uses “Collaborative Couple’s Therapy.”

With this approach, Dr. Bloemer will meet with a husband while one of his partners works with a wife. The team meets frequently to discuss the individual goals and needs of each client. When both partners are ready, couples therapy will begin. Dr. Bloemer believes that this approach is more insightful and efficient than traditional couples therapy.

 #2 Mr. Mike Anderson has been working with couples for over 30 years in Appleton, Wisconsin. He is currently a therapist at Sherman Consulting and is a member of the American Board of Medical Psychotherapists and the International Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. His approach uses cognitive behavioral and problem therapy, and he has been trained in transactional analysis, which focuses on how people communicate with one another.

He uses a holistic approach with his clients that includes a spiritual perspective. This spiritual element often comes from eastern religion and philosophy. Mr. Anderson focuses on keeping families together and happy, and he has experience working with couples who are dealing with extramarital affairs. He believes in the importance of humor and uses it in his own practice.

He also encourages couples to use humor to strengthen their relationship. His success has partly been attributed to the fact that he values couples who live together in harmony, which he stresses.

 #3 Julie Ford is a marriage and family therapist in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has over 15 years of experience working with families who have faced devastating issues like infidelity and substance abuse.

Before she moved to Wisconsin, Ms. Ford worked in the San Francisco Bay area. Thus, she has experience working with culturally diverse clients. She uses a number of approaches, including cognitive behavioral and developmental couples work.

She believes in a solution focused therapy to heal families, especially those who have a lack of intimacy because they have started to grow apart. She gives couples support and teaches them new skills so that they can deal with their problems in a healthier way.

She believes that crisis can help couples grow and change for the better. Ms. Ford also works to help clients identify their strengths and use those strengths to deal with current issues. She will meet with couples together or individually.

#4 Margaret Berg has over 10 years of experience helping couples reconnect with one another. She is located in Madison, Wisconsin and specializes in “Imago Relationship Therapy and Sexual Health.” Using this process, she can discover what issues are lying underneath a conflict.

The Imago approach assumes that people recreate the relationships that they experienced in their youth and that this recreation causes issues in the present relationship. The Imago model provides tools to help couples communicate better.

These tools are based on decades of relationship data and brain research. The Imago model includes narrative therapy, mindfulness and meditation, adult attachment therapy, neuroscience, family systems theory, and tantric sex.

Ms. Berg also utilizes a number of other techniques, including adult attachment theories and mindfulness, to help couples break out of relationship patterns that have been causing issues.

She wants to help couples identify what is stopping them from having the loving relationship that they want and deserve. Ms. Berg also respects all sexual orientations, relationship structures, and sexual behaviors.


#5 Dr. Martin Poe uses humor, empathy, and understanding to build relationships with his clients and to help them repair their relationships with each other. His practice is located in Racine, Wisconsin, and he has over 30 years of experience.

He respects people from all spiritual traditions. He says that he works best with those who are sensitive, creative, and/or gifted. His practice is small and confidential. He works with patients regardless of sexual orientation.