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The Role of a Psychologist

For a person looking for professional mental health assistance, the first person they think of will usually be a therapist.


The role of a psychologist is to assist individuals in dealing with any challenges that they may face in their lives. Therapists help people navigate disputes, resolve conflict and internal struggles, as well as address issues with mental health.


Psychologists must be absolutely committed to providing healthy and ethical therapy otherwise they could cause a lot of harm to the person seeking treatment. Unfortunately, there are some therapists who engage in questionable or unethical behavior and while that is a fact that cannot be changed, we do our best to only recommend those psychologists who promote healthy and ethical practice.

Finding The Right Psychologist

Multiple disciplines of psychology have emerged over the years including neurobiology, behaviorism, linguistics, meditation, and philosophy. Cognitive science is the most prominent and widely accepted type of psychology and it involves numerous techniques that psychologists all over the world employ when treating their patients.

Finding the best psychologists from the sea of candidates can be a bit of a daunting task if you don’t know what to look for. Most people who are seeking the services of a skilled psychologist don’t even know where to begin, but it doesn’t have to be a challenging or lengthy process for you if you follow these guidelines.

Important Things To Consider

The most important things to consider when searching for a psychologist are their qualifications or credentials and their ethics. It’s relatively easy to find this information out from reputable online sources, but it may prove to be impractical or even next to impossible to contact all potential psychologists on your list to get some of the information that you need.

You may even have to discuss some of the issues that you would be exploring during your therapy sessions, and this could take a while, depending on how many psychologists are on your list. An easier way would be to use a directory listing all the reputable psychologists in your area.

Using such a directory makes your search much easier and quicker. In a very short space of time, you can find your ideal psychologist. All you have to do is enter the criteria that you’re looking for and filter the results by location, gender, age group treated, specialization, and any other criteria you want.

Different Type of Therapists Are as Followed:

Licensed Clinical Social Workers

The licensing requirements for LCSWs vary from one state to the next, but LCSWs have graduate degrees and at least two years experience in clinical social work. They may provide family, couples, or individual therapy. Often times they work in schools and other group or community settings.

Licensed Addiction Counselors

While not commonly referred to as therapists, LACs can conduct sessions alongside therapists. They usually have a bachelor’s degree and will have a minimum of a year of addiction counseling training before they can practice.

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists

LMFTs focus mostly on family and marriage therapy. They hold a master’s and must complete an internship before they can start to practice.

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