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Ciara Braun:

Ciara Braun sees herself primarily as a guide whose job is not only to help her clients develop the necessary skills to improve their lives and relationships, but also to prepare them to handle any future potentially concerning situations by themselves. She specializes in adjustment and relationship issues, family conflict and mood disorders, particularly those related to self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

Ms. Braun uses cognitive behavioral therapy to challenge the expectations and habitual self-talk of her clients, shedding light on their recurring patterns and helping them better understand themselves. She credits her background in clinical research with helping her teach specific empirical techniques to her clients in order to help them use their existing strengths to achieve their goals and overcome whatever conflicts they may face. She is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and practices in Troy, Michigan.

Kerry Hart:

Kerry Hart is a couple and family therapist that focuses on systems as much as she does individuals: she points out to her clients how some behaviors they learned early in life, often directly from their families, can manifest themselves as destructive patterns in their adult relationships. She then helps her clients acknowledge these patterns and alter them, clarifying to them how their past history was conducive to their present state and how they can use that understanding to better shape their future. Ms. Hart, however, doesn’t let her systemic approach to therapy prevent her from providing a client-oriented environment, working with individuals, couples and families of all ages.

Ms. Hart also has extensive experience handling relationship issues, such as infidelity and separation, as well as working with children and adolescents in need of behavior modification or with diagnoses that require constant treatment. She received her Master’s degree in Family Therapy from Drexel University in Philadelphia and practices in East Lansing, Michigan. She is a member of the American Association for Marriage and Therapy.

Josh Warren:

Josh Warren is a counselor that specializes in marital therapy, guiding couples through the restoration of their relationship, walking them through the necessary steps of repentance and reconciliation, and leading them towards a renewed commitment. In fact, his stated passion is helping marriages thrive, going so far as providing pre-marital counseling to ensure a future marriage has a strong enough foundation even before it starts. He believes, quite appropriately considering his focus on marriage, that his relationship with clients must be built with trust if he is to be successful counseling.

Mr. Warren also works with men, helping them find stability and support, often by reviewing the environments they have lived in and emphasizing personal responsibility and accountability in the creation of new, healthy relationships. He graduated from Cornerstone University and practices in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Heather Miller-Edwardson:

Heather Miller-Edwardson is a marriage and family therapist that also provides individual counseling for adults and adolescents. She believes the key to finding greater meaning in life is developing a greater self-understanding. She sees her work as a collaboration with her clients: she lets them create the lives they desire, while teaching them better strategies to deal with the challenges that may arise in the process.

Even though Ms. Miller-Edwardson specializes in pre-marital therapy, couples counseling and family therapy, she has experience working with depression, anxiety and identity development. She graduated from Western Michigan University and practices in Grandville, Michigan.

Dr. Robert L Funaro:

Dr. Robert L Funaro is a limited licensed psychotherapist with a fairly eclectic training in psychology and theology, which helps him provide what he calls “a unique blend of Psycho-Spiritual Therapy”. He believes most of his clients, whether their issues are individual or marital, desire a sense of inner peace and, consequently, he thinks it is essential to guide a client towards wholeness, integrating both personal and spiritual development. However, Dr. Funaro uses his training in spirituality only if it is required, preferring to focus on helping his clients identify their maladaptive triggers and replace them with behaviors better suited to a satisfying life.

Dr. Funaro specializes in anxiety, relationship issues and life coaching and has experience helping clients suffering from depression, grief, learning disabilities and inefficient coping skills. His treatment approach is psychodynamic with Jungian undertones. He graduated from Wayne State University and practices in Ada, Michigan.