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Kay Snyder:

With over 20 years of experience and a degree from the University of Pittsburgh, Kay Snyder is an outstanding resource for those who are currently seeking marriage or relationship counseling.

Having worked in a trauma center for ten years, Ms. Snyder is intimately familiar with the pain that many families endure when suffering the loss of a loved one, and from her experience, possesses the empathy needed to truly understand and work with those going through similar pain in their marriage.

Snyder firmly believes that for couples experiencing pain or hardship in their lives, things can get better, and that their hardship is only temporary. As an added bonus, Snyder also charges her clients on a sliding scale, and seeks to work with couples who may be financially challenged. Additionally, Snyder works with people of all ages (14+) and sexual orientation.

Dr. Bob Witchel:

One of the more experienced psychologists in the area, Dr. Witchel carries a degree from the University of Georgia and has been counseling for over 30 years.

Dr. Witchel is another excellent resource when it comes to marriage counseling, for several reasons. When seeking out the right marriage counselor, it is important to find someone who focuses on getting to the root of the problems affecting the marriage. Dr. Witchel is that type of counselor.

Rather than simply trying to reduce the symptoms (depression, anxiety, etc.) Dr. Witchel makes a point of focusing on the experiences that are at the root of the symptoms, and finding ways in which to learn and to grow from these experiences.

Dr. Witchel accepts clients of all age and sexual orientation, and charges his clients on a sliding scale. Because of his unique approach to psychotherapy, and because of his extensive experience working with couples, Dr. Witchel is certainly a top marriage counselor in the Pittsburgh, PA area.

Daniel Corbin:

Mr. Corbin is a Pittsburgh, PA native with a Master’s degree from Duquesne University, who has worked as a marriage counselor in the area for 8 years.

He maintains the goal of not only providing couples with new insight in to what they need to change in their relationship, but also he helps couples to find ways in which to grow and change from their new insight. As a result, couples will emerge with a new plan on how to improve in their relationship.

Mr. Corbin’s counseling approach is to support and interact with couples, and eventually help these couples find the strength necessary to overcome problems in their marriage. Mr. Corbin works with married couples, families, and both adolescent and adult couples.

Matthew Esch:

With over 15 years of experience and a degree from Seton Hill University, Mr. Esch is another valuable resource for couples seeking marriage counseling. What stands out about Mr. Esch is that he values the long term client-counselor relationship, and he seeks to work with couples through mutual trust and support.

This can be very beneficial for married couples, because such a relationship allows the counselor to observe some of the deeper relationship dynamics, and come up with solutions over time that could make a significant and positive impact on the marriage. Mr. Corbin works with married couples as well as families.