Lucy Fine


As a graduate of John F. Kennedy University, Lucy Fine has been in practice for more than twenty years. She specializes in relationship issues, women’s issues and life coaching.

She works with clients to help them let go of old behaviors that are a hindrance. Dr. Fine predominately relies on psychotherapy as a means of treatment to help create a shift that opens communication and identify roles for reaching goals. She also utilizes Emotionally Focused therapy, Systems Centered therapy, and Brain Science.

Dr. Fine works with clients struggling with issues in anxiety, codependency, coping skills, depression, and divorce. She also accepts client of all sexual orientations. Dr. Fine offers several groups for her clients to participate in.

These groups include: a Co-Ed group that offers the opportunity to learn skills in successfully communicating inside any group dynamic; a Women’s Leadership group; and a Women’s Psychotherapy group which offers the opportunity for women to find support in community and to learn methods to not take thing personally, and for regulating the nervous system.

Average sessions with Lucy Fine are between $160 and $180. She does use a sliding scale and accept cash, check, and PayPal. She is considered out of network with insurance providers.

Gene Joseph Grossman


Those seeking a highly experienced and confident practitioner can find that in Gene Joseph Grossman. Dr. Grossman has been in practice for more than thirty years and he believes that effective therapy makes change inevitable. Dr. Grossman works with clients of all ages that desire greater satisfaction from their relationships. He makes it his mission to help client’s see their problems so clearly that the solutions are apparent and accessible.

Dr. Grossman attended Union University and he specializes in depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. He works with clients struggling with anger management, divorce, grief, parenting, and trauma. Dr. Grossman relies on a Family/Marital and Psychodynamic treatment approaches with his clients.

Sessions with Dr.Grossman are between $100 and $150 and he operates from two different locations in California. He does make use of a sliding scale and accepts several different insurance providers as well.

Eleanor Vohryzek

Eleanor Vohryzek is a body-oriented psychotherapist that facilitates empathy and understanding with her client’s when helping them to find new ways of relating to one another. Dr. Vohryzek studied at John F. Kennedy University and has been in practice for twenty-three years. She specializes in relationship issues, trauma and PTSD, and anxiety. Her sessions are a safe place where clients are welcome to bring their whole selves as they begin to process emotions that may have been unbearable. She believes that to achieve healing, one must be connected to feelings and somatic experiences as they arise.

In her twenty-three years of experience, Dr. Vohryzek has become familiar with many different treatment approaches including: Body-oriented, Eclectic, Family/Marital, Humanistic, Interpersonal, and Relational. She draws most on the Somatic Experiencing, Attachment Based, and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy approaches. She aids clients struggling with issues in coping, depression, grief, self-esteem, and sexual abuse.

A session with Eleanor Vohryzek is between $70 and $90 and she does accept cash and check. A sliding scale is used and she is considered out of network with insurance providers.