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Ameet Ravital:

Ameet Ravital has over ten years of experience working with emotional distress, relationship issues, financial stress, and chronic health issues. He knows that these problems can be exhausting to your body, mind, and spirit. If left unchecked, these burdens can take a heavy toll on your work performance and daily satisfaction with life.

He offers a different approach to overcome these issues, with change happening within the first session. He wants to work together to understand your goals and lay out the steps to start moving in that direction.

Along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, he teaches mindfulness and communication skills for everyday life to help you deal with work and family stress better.

He is also able to suggest homeopathic remedies if appropriate for your situation. This practice is centuries old and has helped many people bring their physical and mental health back into balance using natural minerals and plants.

Ravital graduated from Temple University in 1999 and specialized in relationship issues, as well as borderline personality and trauma. He believes in a holistic approach to therapy and will work with you to find the best fit for your situation. He currently practices in the Philadelphia area.

Ashley King:

Ashley King believes in therapy as a practice and ever-evolving process. The process is the center where transformation and growth happens. In her work, she makes it her mission to help you see that you are a complex and fluid being, not fixed or static.

She believes in creating a safe space with you to find your unique potential and discover how to best live in the right relationship. Her specialties include anxiety and depression, couples therapy, spiritual concerns, women’s issues, life transition, grief, codependency, sexuality issues, as well as many other.

King has a psychotherapy and wellness practice, and takes in clients who are committed to conscious change and transformation. In addition to her therapy services, she offers coaching, consulting, yoga, and energy healing. She graduated from Temple University in 2009 and has six years of experience. She currently practices in the Philadelphia area.

Cindy N Ariel:

Cindy Ariel believes that a supportive, respectful, and trusting relationship between you and your therapist is key to the effectiveness of any therapy. Her practice offers an alternative to large, impersonal health services, and uses a personalized approach that uses evidenced-based and traditional treatments.

She works with individuals and couples who are struggling with life’s difficulties, with specialties in relationship issues, anxiety, depression, and grieving.

She can provide guidance for couples, individuals, and families of all kinds, with an LGBTQ friendly practice. She also has worked with many parents of special needs children.

Her practice is a small group, and is able to deal with the difficulties of life as well as more specialized circumstances, such as Asperger’s Syndrome and other related difficulties.

She graduated from Temple University in 1992 and has over 20 years of experience dealing with a wide variety of issues. She has also authored or co-authored several books about different therapy practices and currently practices in the Philadelphia area.