Jennifer Stone:


Jennifer Stone has a doctorate in clinical psychology and has over 25 years of experience. She especially enjoys working individually with adults as well as with couples. Her approach is to clarify the goals that you have, and then work as a team to accomplish those goals.

Whether those goals be improving your mood, relationships, or behavior, she can provide pathways to improving, and then support those choices. She believes that most couples, despite disagreements, that come to therapy really care for each other and she likes being able to bring back that feeling to the relationship.

Her approach usually is able to shift communication more positively within two or three sessions for couples. She uses similar techniques for individuals as well.

Her seminary ministry training is valued by many with spiritual or religious concerns. She has respect for each client’s views, values, and perspectives, and believes that to be a foundation for her therapy practice.

She also specializes in EMDR, a potent therapy for anxiety that helps many. Stone graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1980 and currently practices in the Memphis area.

Lee Horton:


Lee Horton is a therapist prepared to help with all questions that can come in a relationship. Often there will be moments in your relationship where you aren’t sure where you stand and how you should respond to the problems that are happening.

He believes that it is completely natural to feel anxious and helpless in the face of losing your partner’s commitment to the relationship. Many people will become desperate in this situation, diminishing themselves in the process and turning to a partner who has little to offer them in return beyond rejection.

Horton helps couples or individuals move away from feeling lost or powerless and on to a path of understanding how to deal with crisis in their relationship or marriage.

He can help you learn to respond in a manner that maintains your self-esteem while pursuing what you want from your partner. As a psychologist, he understands the emotional factors that can keep you from achieving what you want from life and can help you overcome them.

He has over 20 years of experience dealing with these issues, having graduated from the University of Southern Mississippi in 1985, and currently practices in the Memphis area.

Beth Lyons:


Beth Lyons believes that people seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons. She understands that some are in crisis, others are at turning points in their lives, and that many want to understand and change patterns in their lives that have become self-defeating or unsatisfying.

She has been in practice for over 30 years, having graduated from the University of North Texas in 1985. She remains deeply curious and interested in people, and is glad to have the opportunity to assist her clients on their journeys towards more balanced lives. Her practice is general, but she also has specialties in working with men and women with eating disorders.

She has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on Behavior Medicine. Her therapeutic orientation is eclectic, but always based on mindfulness. It is her goal for clients to reconnect with their own strength while finding new skills for breaking old patterns.

She works closely with her clients to help them implement lasting changes in the ways that they think, as well as their behaviors and self-image.