Raleigh, NC certainly has no shortage of qualified marriage counselors for those in need. Ranging in experience from just starting out to twenty plus years, Raleigh boasts licensed psychologists from a variety of backgrounds with a host of specialties and focuses. Finding the right fit for you and your spouse should be no issue given the vast array of doctors to choose from.

Dr. Richard Kevin


Dr. Richard Kevin is a licensed psychologist from the University of Texas that has been working with couples for more than thirty years.

Dr. Kevin works to help couples focus on their relationships while still maintaining the integral parts of the individual. Clients work to establish and maintain focus on reaching realistic goals during sessions.

Dr. Kevin works with a variety of therapy techniques to help clients move through the process quickly. These techniques include Energy Psychology, Interpersonal Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and mediation and guided imagery.

Energy Psychology is a tool that aids clients in finding rapid relief from phobias, anxiety and recent trauma. When combined with traditional psychotherapy, Energy Psychology can also produce a gentler and less stressful healing process for deep trauma and negative self-concept.

Dr. Kevin specializes in anxiety, depression and relationship issues. He also helps clients navigate through issues including anger management, domestic abuse/violence, OCD, sexual addiction and PTSD, to name a few.

He treats individuals, couples and families from adolescents to elders, and he is willing to work with to work with gay, lesbian and bisexual clients. Session with Dr. Kevin range from $120 to $130 and he does accept insurance.

Dr. Mike and Rhonda Garrett


For those interested in pursuing a Christian counselor, Dr. Mike and Rhonda Garrett from Christian Counseling Associates are an excellent fit. Dr. Mike and Rhonda are one of the only married couples in the area that offer the opportunity for sessions with one or both of them, creating a unique counseling session.

The doctors also offer a “Connected Marriage Intensive” which lasts three days and has a combined total of twenty hours of counseling. The Connected Marriage Intensive has been highly acclaimed for repairing and restoring relationships and advancing couples ahead by four to six months in the counseling process.

Their specialties include relationship issues, family conflict and spirituality. With a degree from Columbia International, Dr. Mike and Rhonda are also well equipped to handle a wide range of issues from anger management and anxiety, to depression, emotional disturbance and sex therapy.

Unfortunately, Christian Counseling Associates is considered out of network for insurance policies, but they do provide several payment options. Sessions range from $100-$130 and Dr.

Dr. Joy Brunson-Nsubuga


If you’re interested in the cultural or environmental dynamics of a relationship, Dr. Joy Brunson-Nsubuga of Systemic Health Resources is an excellent option.

Dr. Brunson-Nsubuga believes that symptoms and behaviors are impacted by environment, culture, and relationships, and that by exploring these areas, you can create change and alter behavior.

She has seven years of experience working as a licensed marriage and family therapist and she has experience assisting individuals with mood and anxiety disorders, substance abuse disorder, and pregnant/post-partum women.

Dr. Brunson-Nsubuga specializes in relationship issues, family conflict and addiction. She aids clients with a range of issues including anxiety and coping skills, divorce, life coaching parenting, and self-esteem. She sees individuals, couples and families, and has a family systems and Solution Focused Brief treatment orientation.

Dr. Brunson-Nsubuga has been practicing for seven years and went to school at Appalachian State University. Sessions range in price from $50 to $100 and they are covered by select insurance providers. There are a variety of means for payment, and a sliding scale is offered.

This is just a brief review of a few excellent marriage counselors available in Raleigh, NC. There are hundreds of counselors available stemming from a variety of backgrounds, beliefs and therapy techniques, all eager to assist couples on their path to a well functioning relationship.