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Anna Maria Signorelli

To help you find a marriage therapist in Louisiana that matches your problems, we have identified the top five. Number one is Anna Maria Signorelli, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW, BACS. Ms. Signorelli treats individuals, couples, and families using cognitive behavioral therapy. She also does family and marital counseling. Ms. Signorelli focuses on people of ages eleven to sixty-five. Her specialties are depression, spirituality, and relationship issues.

Ms. Signorelli uses a collaborative approach with her clients. She helps each client untangle and name the unique issues that brought him or her to seek therapy. Her goal with the client and/or family is to teach them the necessary skills that will steer them out of the tangle of trauma, anxiety, anger, depression in order to freely live a life of self-direction and personal choice. Her approach involves not only therapy, but homework that is tailored to each individual with the intention of creating new healthy habits.

If the client agrees, Ms. Signorelli also addresses spiritual needs. She draws on Eastern and Western spiritual tradition in order to enable clients to incorporate mindful reactions instead of habitual reactions to daily challenges. Treatment approaches include Cognitive Behavioral, Family/Marital, Mindfulness-based, and Transpersonal Therapies. If Ms. Signorelli’s therapies match your problems, you can find her in New Orleans, Louisiana.

John W. Ormond II

Our second marriage therapist in Louisiana that may match your problems is Mr. John W. Ormond II, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW. Mr. Ormond has over seventeen years of mental health experience. He treats clients of ages fourteen to sixty-five and over. He possesses long-standing expertise in treating individuals and families in crisis, or those having difficulty with life changes.

Mr. Ormond also assists families and individuals with relationship challenges, those coping with grief, uncontrollable anger, anxiety, depression, and sexual orientation challenges. His specialties include anxiety, personality disorders, mood disorders. His treatments include Cognitive Behavioral,Family/Marital, Family Systems, Gestalt, Interpersonal, and Schema Therapies. He practices in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Brittany H. Relle

Our third Louisiana therapist is Mrs. Brittany H. Relle, Clinical Social Work/Therapist, MSW, LCSW. This therapist treats clients from age 11 to sixty-five and older. She provides therapy to individuals, couples, and families. Mrs. Relle’s therapy approach is to first of all create a place of safety and trust to encourage clients to openly share their symptoms and challenges.

She derives great satisfaction and joy when her clients’ relationships improve, and she sees them overcome distressing symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. Her specialty areas are anxiety, depression, relationship issues, and mood disorders.Mrs. Relle can be found in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Dr. Erich Duchmann

Fourth on our list of Louisiana marriage therapists is Dr. Erich Duchmann, owner and one of five counselors at Family Therapy Clinic of Louisiana, LLC. The clinic has been operating successfully since 1992. Dr. Duchmann has sixteen years of experience in the specialties of psychological assessment, testing, and cognitive behavioral treatment. He treats individuals and couples, as well as familes. He takes on clients of ages six to adults.

His clinic’s expertise includes testing and evaluation of challenges such as ADHD, anxiety, and relationship issues. Besides using the particular therapy that matches each individual marriage problem, Dr. Duchmann specializes in the treatment of anxiety-based disorders such as Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and performance anxiety. Hundreds of athletes are thankful to Dr. Duchmann for helping them improve their athletic performance, a service that is a particular specialty of his. Dr. Duchmann’s work for LSU’s Athletic Department has been a successful component of his clinic since 1995.Dr. Duchmann’s clinic is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Donna Swisher

The fifth marriage therapist of Louisiana that is likely to match your particular problem is Donna Swisher, Clinical Work/Therapist, MEd., LPC. Ms. Swisher uses a Christian approach, backed by twenty years of experience, to treat every member of the family from ages zero to adult. She also has extensive experience with individuals and groups. Ms. Swisher treats HIV/AIDS clients, and veterans, as well as those dealing with impulse control and mood disorders.

Her specialties are child and adolescent counseling, family mediation, grief counseling, and coping skills. Her approach is one of respect of each person as a holistic individual with physical, spiritual, and mental needs. Ms. Swisher knows that each individual, regardless of age, has unique strengths. When strengths are encouraged and practiced, they can be used to successfully overcome challenges. She is excellent at encouraging and helping her clients to nurture and practice their strengths in order to achieve individual contentment, and a successful marriage.Ms. Swisher practices in Pineville, Louisiana.