How To Get Him To Propose

January 8, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ For Women


The quintessential question for women in a relationship always seems to be, “When will he marry me?” Women, by nature, are more inclined than men to experience the desire for commitment. For those not in a relationship, experiencing these feelings can be difficult, often leaving the woman wondering if she is somehow undesirable or unlovable.

For women in a relationship however, the pressure to be married can often lead to threats or ultimatums as women try to get their boyfriend to propose. Unfortunately, these can be relationship suicide. So, how do you get a guy to marry you without pressuring him into it?

Love Yourself

A key focus for women, both in relationships and single, is to love yourself. It is impossible to truly love someone else, or receive the love of another if you are incapable of loving yourself. Having positive self-esteem is also crucial. If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you?

Confidence is also a key characteristic for women to show. Men love a woman who has high regard for herself, and will feel privileged to be with a woman that exudes this characteristic. There is a fine line though, between being confident and be narcissistic. A man is certainly not going to propose to a woman that is too full of herself.

It’s also important to be natural. Women often fall into thinking that a man will marry her if she looks like a woman from a magazine. It’s important for a woman to be her genuine self; don’t pretend to be something, or someone that you are not. That doesn’t mean you should let yourself go once in a relationship however. Maintain your man’s interest by working to always look your best. This not only shows that you value yourself, it will make your man proud to be with you.

Emotional Rollercoaster

Once in a committed relationship, there are several key factors to ensure success. Perhaps one of the most challenging for women, is to remain emotionally grounded. In the hectic lives we lead, it is easy to fall onto an emotional rollercoaster; this can be off putting to both men and women alike. Generally, a stable mindset and emotional stance is preferred. Seeking out the counsel of qualified professionals is a good idea if you easily succumb to the pressures of life.

Show Interest

Women wondering how to get him to propose should look to themselves. Men want to feel supported and appreciated. Praising his strengths verbally will make him feel special. Encouraging him, rather than nagging when things aren’t going well, will go a long way with a man.

Also, remember that romance goes both ways. You want to give him a reason to want to be in the relationship, so it’s just as important for you to take time to make him feel special and desired. Don’t leave the special dates and surprises to him. Take time to discover his interests so he feels like an equal part in the relationship.


One of the most fundamental elements to a good relationship is communication. It is the glue that holds a relationship together. When there is a breakdown in communication, or worse yet, a lack of communication skills all together, conflicts are unable to be resolved and intentions are unclear.

Communication means that you are and your partner are not only capable of working through challenges, but it also ensure you are both aware of the roles one another play in the relationship. It is important for each partner to be keenly aware of the role they play and that the pair have similar interests. Clearly a relationship is not going to work if one desires children and another does not.

If you’re trying to get your boyfriend to propose, addressing issues such a future plans is best approached in a nonthreatening way. Men often easily feel pressured into commitment, which can send them running for the hills. Men prefer to take their time getting to know a woman before they are ready to commit to a long-term relationship. Discussing future plans such as marriage and children is something best saved for relationships nearing the six month or one-year mark.

Remember, trying to get him to propose should not be a struggle, rather something that should happen naturally. Allow him to progress to that point without feeling pressured to do so. Giving him enough positive experiences with you will help him see that you are the person he wants to spend his life with. This will naturally lead him to consider future goals, and ultimately, a proposal.

Waiting for him to propose can be difficult sometimes. It’s important to remember that relationships have several stages and coming on too strong in the beginning can scare him away. Open and honest relationships that encourage uniqueness and enjoyment are productive and lasting.