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Become a Contributor For LocalTherapistFinder.com

Do you love writing? Do you want more leads? Become a contributor for Local Therapist Finder and see your web traffic explode. When you write for us, you’ll establish yourself as an expert, you’ll build your brand, and you’ll get more clients visiting your website.

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Many counselors, therapists, health professionals and/or treatment centers either don’t have a website or have one that is sitting in cyberspace not getting much, if any, traffic. Websites that get a lot of visitors are still few and far between.

This is because mental health professionals do not understand how to get traffic to their website which is not surprising as it is a complicated process.

If your website is one of the ones I am talking about, here’s how to jump start your site and start getting targeted leads to your website.

How We Moved Up The Search Engine

LocalTherapistFinder.com is highly ranked in all the major search engines, but it wasn’t always that way. Here’s the one thing that have contributed to getting our site ranked very high in the search engines without spending a whole lot.

Here’s the secret – are you ready for it? We submitted a lot of articles to relevant websites.

There were other things that we did, but none greater than article submissions.

Article submissions will move your site from the very last page of Google (where hardly no one will find you) to the very top of the search result page.

Benefits of Article Submissions

One of the things that contributed to our rise in the search engine is that we submitted well written articles to websites that is already receiving traffic, and are ranked higher in the search engines.

Here are the benefits when you submit high quality, insightful articles to Local Therapist Finder:

You Can Showcase your expertise. 

Articles that share valuable information about your industry will help you gain trust from future clients and build your brand.

By sharing your expertise, and then have it published on sites similar to ours, you will begin to be seen as a resource and a go-to person/company in your field.

Search Engines Like Links From Relevant Websites.

Search engines like Google reward sites in the search results for having links from relevant sites linking back to your website. Relevancy is the keyword here.

For instance, If you submit an article to a dog training website thinking this will boost your ranking, it will actually do the opposite because your mental health site has nothing to do with dog training, and the link back to your site will probably cause your site to dip in the search engines.

Local Therapist Finder fit the bill for relevancy. You see at the end of each of your article, we allow an author BIO with a link back to your website.

Requirements for posting a guest comment/post:

  • The article must be informative. It must be related to marriage, health, relationship and so on.
  • Word count per article should be 1000+ (minimum).
  • You agree that you are not going to publish this article anywhere else either on your own blog or as a guest post in any other blog.
  • Content must be totally original and unique.
  • We reject articles that are modified/same/articles from other sites.
  • We also reject self-promotion of your products or services.
  • We even reject the promotion of companies, products/services.
  • Articles with many grammatical errors will be rejected.

Other guidelines:

  • You can’t include more than one link in the bio of the author.
  • The link in your guest post must serve a purpose of that particular article.
  • Articles must not contain sponsored links/affiliate links/ keyword links.
  • Articles should not contain links of any companies/unrelated links/deep links.
  • Articles should not contains links that guide to adult sites/banned/Alcohol sites or redirects.
  • You can add only one do follow link to your blog/website by completing your profile.

We will not link to any hired freelance professional writers/ third-party writers and we also don’t link to other products or services for promotional purposes.

How to proceed further?

If your guest post meets the above requirements, you can Email Us Here. Your guest posts will be live on this blog within the next 24 hours (working) if there is no other guest post waiting in the queue.

NOTE: We have the complete rights to edit/delete the guest post or links if they are violating the above-discussed guidelines.


Click Here to Submit Your Unique Article

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