Shona Erickson

Shona Erickson has been practicing marriage and family therapy for over 20 years, and finds great joy in helping people find solutions to their problems.

She understands that emotional injuries make greater scars than physical ones, making healing that much more difficult. When not treated on time, such problems become debilitating and an obstacle in living a happier life.

She does not believe that one text-book solution’ will work for all couples or families. For that reason, she endeavors to apply several theories based on your needs and your individual personality, to bring about a positive change in your life.

Ms. Erickson deals with issues related to anxiety, substance abuse, grief, parenting and life-coaching, using a Cognitive Behavioral approach(CBT). She is also a specialist in Christian counselling. She is a graduate of University of Nevada, Las Vegas and practices at Las Vegas, Nevada.

Janine Jenkins:

As a marriage counselor, Janine Jenkins understands that well-being and happiness can be achieved only through trust and healthy relationships. She believes that broken hearts’ need healing. By providing a conducive environment, she has helped several couples and families remove obstacles in the path of familial happiness.

She makes use of psycho-dynamic and evidence based approaches to treating needs through customized solutions for family systems. She focuses on counseling for coping skills, emotional disturbance, relationship problems, divorce and depression among others.

Ms. Jenkins also works with children and adolescents on issues of self esteem and family conflict, and helps families create a better environment for raising children. She tries not only to address problems of the mind, but also of the spirit and body, all that encompass the human nature. She graduated from University of Nevada, and can be found practicing in Reno, Nevada.

Tricia Fox:

With over 10 years experience in helping mend dysfunctional relationships, Tricia Fox is a marriage therapist who provides a safe and objective environment for clients to deal with their relationship issues.

She believes that one does not have to suffer for events in the past any longer, and that the destructive patterns’ in people’s lives can be removed with proper listening, understanding and personalized solutions. Her goal is to help families and couples in empowering themselves to rebuild happy lives.

Ms. Fox makes use of eclectic as well as cognitive behavioral oriented treatment methods to make clients discuss their mental state and identify the root causes of problems. She then tries to come up with ideas that will work best on a case-by-case basis. Infertility, addiction, alcohol and drug abuse, parenting and spirituality are some other areas that she works on. She graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and now practices in Henderson, Nevada.

Annah-Lizah Vaquilar:

Annah-Lizah Vaquilar focuses on relationship issues with spouse or children. Clients find working with her a great experience because she uses attachment-based and relation oriented treatment methods, to help them think through their problems and identify solutions.

Sometimes, when one does not know how to process their emotions caused by stress in family life, therapy can help them understand and deal with issues in the marriage. Ms. Vaquilar helps couples communicate better by providing a new perspective to the problems at hand.

Ms. Vaquilar is specifically trained in dealing with problems caused by domestic violence and abuse as well as co-dependency and behavioral issues. By helping couples identify their individual strengths, she assists them in moving into the future by addressing problems in the past and through healing. Her education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, has equipped her adequately for achieving the goal of better societies with better families. She practices at Las Vegas, Nevada.