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Natalie Moore is a licensed therapist, content creator, and expert speaker based in Pasadena.

She helps ambitious, creative millennials increase their emotional resiliency and transform limiting patterns to create the life, love and career of their dreams.

Natalie incorporates holistic modalities like mindfulness, somatic psychology, breathwork and manifestation into her therapy work to support the natural healing process. She offers online secure tele-therapy to California resident adults.

Q Do you offer online therapy to California residents?

Yes. Whether it be Covid-19, commuting, lack of proximity to quality mental health providers, an unpredictable work schedule, travel, or a new baby, it can be tough to make it to the psychotherapy office.

This is why I’m adamant about making mind/body/spirit therapy as accessible as possible for California residents through a secure, HIPAA-compliant video therapy platform.

Sound like something you’re on board with? Schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation through my website today to see if you are a fit for teletherapy.

Q How do I know if my issues are bad enough that I need therapy?

I think it helps to reframe this question from "do I need therapy?" to "could I benefit from therapy at this time?" Often, people wait until a personal issue or relationship issue has gotten so bad that seeking help is the last resort. In these instances, the person's finances, career, relationships and support systems may have significantly eroded, making it more difficult to afford and attend psychotherapy and thoughtfully engage in the process in a meaningful way. I recommend that people seek support before they absolutely need it, so that they can prevent their issue from developing into a crisis. It's like going to the mechanic when you hear your car make a weird noise, versus waiting until your car breaks down to get a professional involved.

Q How do I know what type of therapy is best for me when I don't understand what all these terms mean?

Studies repeatedly indicate that a trusting, supportive therapeutic relationship is the most significant predictor of positive outcomes for therapy regardless of the treatment modality used (i.e. the theories and techniques that make up the therapist's approach.) When interviewing therapists, pay attention to their ability to help you feel at ease and notice the quality of their interpersonal skills. To get a sense of their thought process, consider asking them how they work and how they would address your particular issues and goals. If there is any industry-specific jargon on their website, ask them to define the terms in simple language for you.

Q How long does therapy take to work?

This is completely dependent on the client's severity of presenting symptoms, goals, strengths, readiness to engage in the process and willingness to make behavioral changes outside the therapy room. Shorter-term therapy that is more focused on resolving a particular stressor or life phase typically ranges from about 12-18 sessions, whereas longer-term therapy that is focused more on developing insight and creating lasting transformational change on a deeper level can last 1-2 years or longer.

Q What does

Psychotherapy is an opportunity to explore the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, behaviors and body sensations that influence one another and ultimately determine the outcome of your life and your ability to enjoy it. My approach to therapy blends mindfulness and manifestation — spiritual practices that work together to help you release resistance and accept the present (mindfulness) and envision and create what you desire for your future (manifestation.) Holistic psychotherapy is distinct from traditional psychotherapy in that the field of mental health is built upon a foundation of assessing, diagnosing and treating mental illness, whereas the intent of holistic psychotherapy is to empower individuals to make positive changes to optimize their lives.

Q What is the difference between a psychiatrist, psychologist, counselor, clinical social worker, therapist, psychotherapist and life coach? Which one are you?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who manages psychiatric medication, a psychologist is a doctorate level clinician who can provide psychological testing and psychotherapy, a counselor is a general term for licensed clinicians as well as people who provide other types of counsel (such as a spiritual counselor,) a clinical social worker is a clinician who also has an educational background in social justice, a therapist is a general term that could describe a number of different types of healing professionals, a psychotherapist often carries the designation of Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and helps people with issues in their life related to difficulties in relationships, and a life coach can support people in a number of areas of life but typically isn't licensed by a state board. I am a psychotherapist with an LMFT license.

Q How do I know if a therapist is right for me and my particular issues or goals?

The relationship between the therapist and client is so important. This is why I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation to anyone who is considering psychotherapy with me. At that time, I explain my approach to therapy (which integrates mindfulness and manifestation.) I also make sure I have a sense of what their particular issues are (i.e. anxiety, self-doubt) and their goals (i.e. emotional resilience, confidence) to ensure I've successfully helped others achieve similar objectives. Lastly, I answer any questions the client may have about me or my practice to help them feel more confident and comfortable scheduling that first therapy session with me.

Q Do you offer sessions in the evenings or on weekends?

I offer evenings sessions and teletherapy to make my services as convenient and accessible to those with full-time jobs or work that is unpredictable or requires travel. You can request a 15-minute free phone consultation on my website to see if our schedules are compatible.

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