Dr. Marsha Vannicelli

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Experienced psychologist, offering highly interactive individual therapy, group therapy and marriage counseling. My work as a therapist respects each individual’s unique ways of adapting, building on strengths to address goals for change.
Couples (in both traditional and nontraditional relationships), stressed executives, ACOA’s, and problem drinkers and their family members value my warm, but direct style as a therapist. I help a range of clients (from CEOs to homemakers, college students to senior adults) deal with the anxiety that can accompany change. And through my books and teaching, I have trained 100s of clinicians in group therapy, individual therapy and marriage counseling to help their own clients improve their lives.
My office offers a comfortable confidential setting, fully handicap accessible that has easy access by public transportation, and easy parking.

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Relationship Issues
Family Conflict
Self Esteem
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