John Lindbeck is a Clinical Social Worker and therapist with a focus on helping clients having issues with conflict and anger management. He has over 34 years of experience as a counselor with twenty years working specifically with conflict management in both the court system and private sector. His practice now focuses on anger and conflict management within relationships. His methodology derives from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and he describes it as being “low on pretense, high on listening, feedback, and direction.”

His approach applies to many areas of daily life and some problematic issues within relationships including family conflict, work/life balance and behavior within the workplace. Mr. Lindbeck has an extensive background in men’s interests within the workplace and relationship dynamic. Mr. Lindbeck is a graduate of the University of Connecticut and practices in Lincoln, Rhode Island.


Kimberly Jackson is a Clinical Social Worker and therapist with an emphasis on sexual health and relationship dynamics. She applies a holistic treatment philosophy that integrates a client’s physical, intellectual, spiritual and emotional needs about their current difficulties. In her view, the job of the therapist is to help facilitate a client or couple’s learning about themselves. She helps to identify patterns, formulate solutions and make changes.

Ms. Jackson has also worked with clients dealing with a variety of social issues including depression, anxiety, trauma and guilt. She has experience dealing with more problematic issues such as sexual abuse and domestic violence. Her practice is open to all gender identities and sexual orientations and is ‘kink friendly’. She invites clients to contact her for a free telephone or email consultation. Ms. Jackson is a graduate of Western Reserve University and practices in Providence, Rhode Island.


Archie Roberts is a counselor that understands making a decision to change is very difficult in itself. From that point, it is imperative that a client find a counselor that best suits their specific needs. He understands the significance of making the decision to change and will do his best to help facilitate it. He does this by gaining an understanding of the experiences that have led clients to this point. After that, he works with clients to identify problematic patterns, and together they formulate a course of action.

Mr. Roberts has experience with all manner of emotional conditions including depression, stress, anxiety, and trauma. He also deals with more serious problems such as domestic violence and substance abuse. In addition to his work with individuals and couples, he is highly regarded for his training of other therapists. Mr. Roberts is a graduate of Wesley University and practices in Providence, Rhode Island.


Courtney Canario is a Clinical Social Worker and therapist who views her primary professional focus as working collaboratively with clients to improve relationships. Ms. Canario has experience treating many emotional conditions including ADHD, depression, stress and anger. She also has the experience to help with change of life issues including grief, divorce, and retirement. Her treatment methodology is to help clients identify the problematic issues from their past. Once this is done, she helps them understand the process of making more positive decisions. She also helps them create a ‘toolkit’ for coping with their problems in a positive manner.

In addition to her individual and couples therapy sessions, Ms. Canario also offers group seminars on a variety of topics. She also conducts support groups for parents. Ms. Canario is a graduate of the Rhode Island College School of Social Work and practices in Bristol, Rhode Island.


Tania Weld is a relationship therapist who works with couples, individuals and families to repair their closest personal bonds. Ms. Weld has experience in a number of clinical settings including inpatient, outpatient, and office environments. Her goal is to provide her clients with an environment of ‘peace and harmony’. The hope is that clients will feel more comfortable communicating and looking deep within themselves for answers.

Once clients understand the issues they’re facing and how they came to where they are then she can work with them to put things together. Once the real issues are known, Ms. Weld teaches the couples and individuals better communications and decision-making skills. In some cases, new conflict resolution skills are necessary for improving relationships.

Ms. Weld can also treat many of the emotional and psychological issues that can accompany or precipitate relationship difficulties. These include infertility, drug abuse, depression, stress and low self-esteem. She can work with clients dealing with the most serious of problems including domestic violence, criminal behavior, and suicidal thoughts. Ms. Weld graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Boston and has offices in Hartford, Cranston and Lincoln, Rhode Island.