Marriage Intensive Retreats in Denver, Colorado

Looking for a “marriage bootcamp” but do not have the time to sift through 1,000s of websites and reviews? Well have no fear for I have compiled a list of the Top 5 marriage retreats within the Denver area that are sure to fit your specific relationship needs

1) Relationship Institute of the Rockies
This organizations has a variety of classes and counselors that are tailor made to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a emotional focused therapy, welcoming a new baby, or another marital conflict the Relationship Institute of the Rockies is there to help. They give you the opportunity to pick the counselor you want so that you may feel 100% comfortable within their program.
The cost: Regular Per-Person Registration (select 2 participants) $260.00
Earlybird Per-Person Registration (select 2 participants) $230.00
2) Rock Your Marriage
This organization offers relationship education while doing fun activities that are designed to bring you closer. What is great about the Marriage Retreat is you can choose to do a private or group retreat and you receive an All Inclusive Package. The All Inclusive Package includes a complimentary breakfast when you stay at the Glen Eyrie Castle located in Garden of the Gods Park.
The cost: 1 day (5 hours) $595.00
1 1/2 day (7.5 hours) $899.00
2 days (10 hours) $1198
2 1/2 days (12.5 hours) $1498
3) Cornerstone Marriage & Family Ministries
This organization also does their retreats at Glen Eyrie Castle and offers an All Inclusive Package that includes a stay at the castle and gourmet meals. The program consists of a 3-day 2-night marriage intensive retreat that works towards reconnection, communication, and conflict resolution in order to build a stronger and longer lasting marriage. The organization also has 21years of experience and a 4 out of 5 success rate therefore, you can feel comfortable in knowing the counselors have dedicated their lives in ensuring your marriage is successful.
The cost: Early Registration (Lodging Included) $1995
Regular Registration (Lodging Included) $2095
4) Christian Crush
This organization offers a 3-day christian marital conference that touches base on conflicts, resolution, and falling in love again among other topics you will learn about at the conference. The conference leaders have devoted their time in order to become experts on reducing divorce rate using Biblical principals.
The cost: $195 per couple (does not include accomadations)
5) The Smalley Institute
This organization offers a 2-3 day marriage intensive programs that is custom designed to fit your unique relationship. The program only hires experts in the field of marriage and family who are devoted in the success of your relationship. You are also given the opportunity to order all the marriage intensive programs in book or dvd form to allow you to go through the program in the comforts of your own home.
The cost: The cost varies due to the program being custom designed to fit your specific relationship and needs.
This list only has a few of the top rated Marital Intensive Retreats offered in the Denver area but hopefully this gives you an idea of where to start on your journey to marital success.

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