During the period of time when a couple undergoes emotional or spiritual turmoil, one partner may seek out other resources to fill the void that was previously satiated by their partner. For the case of many married men who are in a struggling marriage, they will often resort to these other resources, and in some cases, these other resources wind up being another way to satisfy their sexual outlet and desire. Troubled married men will satisfy this desire by seeking out other partners for a sexual liaison. This article focuses on the troubled married man and why he may seek recluse in other sexual liaisons. Why do married men cheat?

For starters, according to a study by a team of university psychologists, men tend to have a higher sex drive than women. Men and women have the same level of sexual desire, but men are reported to have a greater impulse to lose self-control and act upon their sexual appetites. Men may realize a growth in desire for what they aren’t getting from their partner, and in turn will look to seek out other people to help them satisfy their needs.

Another factor as to why married men choose to cheat is because they are unfulfilled with the sexual activity in their marriage. Studies have shown that unhappy men can be inspired to join affairs based on their continued unhappiness within their marriage. Married men who are struggling with a healthy sex life with their spouse may present every other aspect of their marriage as “pleasant”, but they will still express that there is one important thing that is missing from their romance. This may cause troubled married men to think outside the box and seek out other partners as a resolution for reaching sexual satisfaction.

Believe it or not, men are very emotional. We always hear jokes from comedians and funny stories from married women that men are notoriously not emotionally invested in their relationships. This is a myth and a false accusation that has been prevalent for far too long. Men do, in fact, seek out an emotional connection with their partner, and when men feel unfulfilled in that area, they will sway their sexual desires elsewhere by cheating. While men are hoping to receive an emotional connection, they are also looking for personal validation and appreciation. If a man feels as though he is not appreciated by his wife, he will go out of his way to find another friend who does.

Every one of us is driven by the same thing: a unique appreciation of selfless love. It’s a love that you can’t buy at a store and won’t find on your television. We all seek relationships that are pure and filled with reciprocation. At the end of the day, all of us will admit that. Men are not off the hook in this article; in fact, quite the contrary. But to better understand the thought process that a man has and the concern that a man has with regards to his marriage, one will have a better grasp at identifying issues and challenges with his decision to cheat. A relationship, whether married or dating, works and develops through two factors: desire, and trust. If partners are beginning to find issues in either one of these two factors, then there is a higher likelihood for infidelity.

To sum up, men’s sexual desire tripled with their unhappiness and lack of appreciation can be critical factors in their need to cheat. There is never an acceptable reason to cheat on your spouse. It takes personal work from both partners to develop both desire and trust for one another in order to avoid this unfortunate event. Through therapy, sexual retreats, and ongoing counseling programs, couples can overcome any obstacle, and this crisis may be adverted.