3 Ways to Generate More Leads From Your Listing

(1) – Professional Headshot: Service providers that upload a professional headshot get 10x more leads than those that do not upload anything or just a company logo. The headshot is often the first time your potential clients will see you, so a professional, polished-looking photo that represents who you are and what you stand for is a must-have item for any therapist.


(2) – Who are You? Include a bio describing your education, professional experiences, and relevant interests. Think about the tone you want to strike with potential clients. If you’re either too familiar or too clinical, it may turn some people off.


(3) What services do you offer? Remember, you can’t be all things to all people. Who are your services best suited for? What treatment methods do you offer? What challenges do you help with?

How can clients schedule an appointment? Some therapists allow clients to schedule appointments online. Others prefer a phone call. Make it clear and include your contact information.



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