Hi, I’m Roxanne.

If you are experiencing a time in your life where you are feeling uncertain, stressed, stuck, or more anxious or depressed than usual, I can help. We can work together to help you feel more calm, confident, hopeful, and connected to yourself again.

I help adults of all ages:

  • Develop a more positive relationship with themselves as they combat the negative, false, and unhelpful beliefs and feelings about themselves. Together, we work toward fostering new, positive beliefs about their amazing strengths, talents, and characteristics.
  • Increase their ability to form helpful and heathy relationships so they feel heard, supported, encouraged, and understood. This helps them gain a sense of acceptance, connection, and belonging.
  • Enhance and instill confidence in themselves and their ability to be an excellent parent,
    partner, professional, etc., so they can feel competent and capable in their daily lives.
  • Establish an understanding of how their past experiences have an impact on their present life. We work to foster and deepen the connection between their beliefs and emotional responses when feelings like self doubt, fear, anxiety, sadness, anger, etc., and triggers from the past cause distress.
  • Learn and practice new skills to help themselves cope with anxiety, depression, and high stress. We implement strategies that uniquely and specifically work for them so they can feel more calm, less stressed, and more hopeful.

Reaching out for help takes courage and strength; it is a profound way to care for yourself. Being willing to learn about yourself while identifying how and what you need to change isn’t always easy.

I welcome the opportunity to see you through these difficult times and guide your toward your goals so you can feel better. You don’t have to do this alone. If you believe I may be someone who you can connect with and who could help you create the life you want, reach out and contact me.

Q What are some common struggles of people I work with?

- Depression: Sometimes individuals with depression are going through a difficult time and aren’t dealing with long-term depression, but others may experience more life-altering or life-long depression. We would work together to find out what the best treatment is for you. Some people I work with also see a psychiatric professional or their primary care physician for depression medication(s). Other clients choose to not use medication, and instead we implement other depression strategies like exercise, meditation, light therapy, etc.

- Anxiety and Worry: If you worry and experience anxiety about all the things that can keep you up at night and the things you wish you could control, counseling can help. I teach clients the necessary skills to reduce their anxiety and panic. We focus on forming new connections in their brain so they know they are safe, present, and not in danger, which can bring great relief. Reducing anxiety, stress, and worry while enhancing sleep cycles can improve one’s overall wellbeing.

- Women’s Issues: Some of the issues I’ve helped other women with include…balancing all the roles and responsibilities they manage, working mom concerns, midlife transitions, self care and doing things for themselves, and relationship satisfaction.

- Negative Beliefs: Sometimes people feel like they aren’t good enough, they are defective, not worthy of good things, that something is really wrong with them, or that they aren’t like other people because they are ___________ .

- Feelings of Shame and Guilt: Sometimes people may felt guilty about something they did that they wish they didn’t or something they didn’t do that they wish they could go back and change. And/or, they feel deep shame about themselves, often believing there is something innately wrong with them. Sometimes individuals feel broken and that they don’t deserve second chances, understanding from others, or for good things to happen to them.

- Relationship Difficulties: Whether it be with a partner, sibling, child, friend, or co-worker, these relationships can impact how stressed a person feels if one or several of these relationships are causing them problems and issues.

- Relapse Prevention and Long-Term Recovery Issues: I help individuals who have been through substance use disorder treatment or are involved in a recovery program (12-step program, SMART Recovery, etc.) and have maintained at least 6 months of continued abstinence from all mind altering substances. Together, we work on rebuilding relationships, trust, goals, and positive feelings about yourself, etc.

- Isolation and Loneliness: It’s incredibly painful to feel isolated and alone. If you often feel misunderstood, unsupported, different than other people, and alone, therapy can help. If it is relationships and connections that you desire, you can learn different strategies that will help you connect with others so you can have friendships that are helpful and supportive. Whereas, if you want a greater connection within the relationships you already have, we can explore what is holding you back and ways to help you build the intimacy and sense of belonging you desire.

I also help those who are facing and trying to cope with:

- Toxic Stress that wipes you out in life and turns you into a person you don’t want to be
- Maternal Mental Health related to pregnancy, after birth, and parenting issues
- Grief, Loss, and Mourning
- Caretaker Challenges that arise for spouses, partners, parents, and adult children

We all need at least one person in our lives who we can share our pain with. One person who will be there to support us without judgment who readily provides understanding and encouragement. If you’re someone who is feeling alone, emotionally exhausted, and/or is lacking this kind of support, which is causing you to feel misunderstood, stressed, or overwhelmed, please consider seeking the care and supportive therapy I provide.

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